Batteries and Starters

When you try to start your engine, you understandably expect it to spring to life without issue. The simple action of turning the key or pushing the starter button put the engine’s flywheel in motion. Once the engine is rotating, air and fuel reach the cylinders, and the combustion engine should run well until you turn it off. However, the starter must draw power from the battery in order to function. When the battery or starter begins to fail, you simply cannot drive until repairs are made.

Signs Your Starter or Battery Need to Be Serviced

Starters and batteries may put off several indicators when service is needed and before they fail completely. For example, you may notice that the engine takes longer to turn over and spring to life when you start your car. Some drivers may notice intermittent issues with the starter. The check engine light may be illuminated on the dashboard. Other signs could include seeing or smelling smoke and hearing whirring, grinding or clicking sounds. Once the battery or starter is no longer functional, the engine will not turn on at all.

Your Source for Fast Starter and Battery Services

Addressing developing issues with batteries and starters as soon as possible is essential. Doing so can help you to avoid being stranded with a dead car. Our dedicated auto mechanics have extensive experience servicing batteries and starters. As a first step, we will efficiently and accurately run diagnostics to identify the problem and any underlying issues that may have contributed to it. This enables our technicians to thoroughly address the situation so that you can once again enjoy the reliability of your well-maintained vehicle.

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Have you noticed any of the signs of a failing battery or starter? You can avoid dealing with a dead car by bringing your vehicle to our service center soon. For battery and starter services or other automotive needs, contact us to schedule your next appointment.