Who Takes Care Of Your Car?

Your One Stop Shop is the place to go to maintain your car’s Health and Reliability.

Save time and money when your car is in need of service and repair.
You may have heard the saying, “fix it right the first time”.

With this approach you will save yourself the trouble of repeat visits for the same problem.

Accurate diagnosis and repair means one visit, saving you valuable time and money.

North Road Auto in Poughkeepsie and Fairview has been doing this for 30 Years.

A True Alternative to the Dealer

An independent repair shop with the latest information, tools and equipment gives you the peace of mind that your car will be repaired properly while enjoying personal service and convenience.

If you prefer the personal touch of a hometown auto repair shop and appreciate quality auto repair, give us a call.

A Commitment to Your Complete Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal at North Road Auto.

Providing you with high quality auto repair service and top-notch customer service is our focus every day.

Countless 5-star reviews and customer testimonials affirm our reputation as one of the Poughkeepsie area’s most trustworthy Auto Repair shops.

You can rest easy knowing that a two year nationwide parts and labor warranty on most services stands behind the work we perform.

You’ll be glad you chose to do business with North Road Auto.

I guarantee it!

John Jaeb Owner | North Road Auto
John Jaeb Owner North Road Auto