Margaret G. on 8/23/2017:
"I was really worried about the strange noise coming from my car. I brought it to north Road, even though I didn't have an appointment. They diagnosed the problem, fixed it, and got me out and home on time for my son's evening activity."
5 star rating

Kerri P. on 8/19/2017:
"Thanks again for ALWAYS working around my last minute needs!!!"
5 star rating

Colleen K. on 8/18/2017:
"Always helpful! I feel confident driving around knowing my car has been well cared for."
5 star rating

Anonymous on 8/18/2017:
"Very good service. Thanks."
5 star rating

Anonymous on 8/16/2017:
"Very good"
5 star rating

North Road Auto, Poughkeepsie NY and Fairview NY, 12601, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Exhaust Repair and Auto Electrical Service

Hi, I’m John Jaeb, Owner of North Road Auto.

Your One Stop Shop

We are an independent Auto Repair Shop using the latest Technology to give you the peace of mind that your car will be repaired properly while enjoying personal service and convenience.
If you prefer the personal touch of a hometown Auto Repair Shop and don't want to drive out of your way for quality auto repair, give us a call.


  • Auto Repair

  • Who do you trust to work on your car? Your car is an incredible machine. Stop and think about all of the complex systems it uses to provide you with Safe and Reliable Transportation. Your car is so intuitive; you don’t realize what’s going on “behind the scenes”. That’s why it is so important to have an Auto Repair shop that knows cars as well as North Road Auto does. If you’ve been looking for someone who is Passionate about Caring for every little Part of your car, give our auto repair shop a call. 845-471-8255.
  • Engine Repair

  • What do you do when your Check Engine Light comes on? If your Check Engine Light is Flashing, pull over, turn the car off and call the Engine Repair experts at North Road Auto right away at 845-471-8255. If the light comes on steady and the cars seems to be running OK, make an appointment to have it checked out at your earliest convenience.
  • Brake Repair

  • When was the last time you had your Brakes Checked? Your Car’s Brakes are The Most Important Part of Your Car. You don’t want to put yourself or anyone else at risk by taking them for granted. You can have Your Brakes Checked for $9.95 anytime at North Road Auto, we’ll even rotate your tires for FREE while we’re at it. Call Now 845-471-8255!
  • Exhaust Repair

  • Where do you go when you need an Exhaust Repair in Poughkeepsie and Fairview? Your car’s exhaust system is vital to directing gases away from the engine and minimizing their impact on the environment. Whether it's your muffler, catalytic converter, or a deeper part of your exhaust system, you can count on North Road Auto to solve the issue in a timely manner.
  • Auto Electrical Service

  • Why does your car’s dashboard have all of those Warning Lights? Your car has all kinds of creature features to keep you Safe, Comfortable and Entertained. You Love them….. When they’re working. When things Bing and Bong and Warning Lights Come On, Come to North Road Auto. Rest assured whatever plagues your car’s electrical system can be found and remedied.

Margaret G. on 8/23/2017:
"I was really worried about the strange noise coming from my car. I brought it to north Road, even though I didn't have an appointment. They diagnosed the problem, fixed it, and got me out and home on time for my son's evening activity."

Kerri P. on 8/19/2017:
"Thanks again for ALWAYS working around my last minute needs!!!"

Colleen K. on 8/18/2017:
"Always helpful! I feel confident driving around knowing my car has been well cared for."

Anonymous on 8/18/2017:
"Very good service. Thanks."

Anonymous on 8/16/2017:
"Very good"

Lisa B. on 8/14/2017:
"I walked in and asked if they could do my oil change while I ran around doing other errands, and they were able to fit me in! It worked out beautifully!!"

Keith J. on 8/12/2017:
"Friendly, courteous service. Work that needs done is explained in detail. Very accommodating of our needs."

Anonymous on 8/12/2017:
"John was in contact with me everyday regarding the work on my daughters car. She needed new tires and some cosmetic repairs. He didn't do anything without giving me the numbers first."

Janne D. on 8/10/2017:
"Excellent customer service"

Charles P. on 8/10/2017:
"John always does a great job for us!"

Noel F. on 8/9/2017:
"Very trustworthy auto shop"

Anonymous on 8/9/2017:
"John (owner) and the team are trust worthy and competent."

Jill C. on 8/8/2017:
"Excellent as always. They couldn't be more helpful or friendly"

Philip S. on 8/5/2017:
"Experience was great, as always."

Chris H. on 8/3/2017:
"good service - quick turnaround time"

Lawrence G. on 8/1/2017:

Anonymous on 8/1/2017:
"Car trouble was taken care of quickly & efficiently."

Bill C. on 7/27/2017:
"Attention to detail is amazing."

Mike P. on 7/25/2017:
"The only place I trust with my vehicles.Always great service."

Philip S. on 7/24/2017:
"Great as always!"

Frank M. on 7/22/2017:
"Great and very informative"

Kerri P. on 7/22/2017:
"Thank you so much for squeezing me in , last minute to do my oil change, then looking over my car so thoroughly, then finding a problem Andre taking the time to fix it, knowing we Rae going away!!"

Tynan G. on 7/21/2017:
"The guy who runs North Road Auto, John, is the best. Seriously. I've been going to him for 5 years. He's like my primary doctor, but for cars. He actually cares about extending the life of my car. He does a great job walking me through how each repair is done. He keeps a history of repairs, tells me whenever I need something replaced soon and gives me a rough estimate of how long I have before it might fail. It's important to understand that all car work is expensive, but catching this stuff early is cheaper in the long run. One time I had to come in because my power steering belt snapped. While he was looking at it, he said my water pump was leaking. Labor for that is expensive. He apologized for not noticing and warning me that the pump was due to be replaced sooner. That super nice of him considering it's more my responsibility than his. I was worried about finding a trustworthy mechanic when I first moved here, but John definitely fits that description."

Anonymous on 7/19/2017:
"Fast and courteous service"

Michael L. on 7/14/2017:
"As always North Road service is excellent, all information clearly explained and work down to a high standard. I will be moving from this neighborhood but will still be using North Road Auto!"

Jui-hune O. on 7/14/2017:
"Service was thoroughly explained and completed as explained."

Paul P. on 7/13/2017:
"Great experience. I love a clean, professional shop. A job well done."

Kristina L. on 7/11/2017:
"I really like doing business with North Road Auto Repair. Everyone is very friendly & professional."

Jill S. on 6/30/2017:
"Always a pleasure! Very polite and trustworthy"

Anonymous on 6/29/2017:
"always concerned about the cost and the time for customers"

Philip R. on 6/22/2017:
"These guys are great. They have kept my old car running much longer than it should have."

Chris M. on 6/22/2017:
"I've always had a positive experience at North Road, and recommend them to everyone I know! They're always so flexible with squeezing me in when I'm in a pinch, they do quick work, and they're honest with you and explain exactly what's going on with your vehicle without trying push you into costly and unnecessary replacements or procedures. Very friendly staff! Feel very fortunate that this business is in my community!"

Justin & Marissa B. on 6/21/2017:
"I would recommend these guys for any type of work to your automobile. The work was done quickly, professionally, and as expected."

Bill C. on 6/20/2017:
"Are there still those of you out there going somewhere else for auto service??? Why???"

Anonymous on 6/20/2017:
"Jim V"

Lisa B. on 6/19/2017:
"Always accommodating and helpful, and informative."

Anonymous on 6/15/2017:
"I've been bringing my vehicles there exclusively now for over two years. Truly the best shop I've ever used. Knowledgeable and honest. The owner John is a man of integrity. It's always a pleasure."

Mike & Carol C. on 6/14/2017:
"We have been going to North Road Auto for 10 years. John the owner has always been professional and fair. We never felt they did unnecessary work and unless something unanticipated came up, their estimates were accurate. Their experience and work has always been top notch."

Jill C. on 6/13/2017:
"Friendly and efficient as always"

Ashley G. on 6/12/2017:
"Always a positive experience here. Called in the morning because my breaks were grinding, they took it right in and it was fixed and ready that afternoon!"

Danielle O. on 6/11/2017:
"Always a great experience when I go to North Road Auto!! John is so helpful with explaining things!"

Anonymous on 6/10/2017:
"Incredible service. Would recommend to everyone. I've never had such a good experience with a mechanic."

Bob H. on 6/8/2017:
"John and his employees are very trustworthy and very knowledgeable. I always look forward to my visits as they are rewarding experiences. i know that if they find any problems, I can rely on them to fix them without charging me for things that I do not neeed. They always let me know if I will need some future work to be done and the cost so I am prepared. All in all, they do an excellent and competent job without overcharging me."

Zach H. on 6/7/2017:
"I came in just looking for a quote and immediately felt like I was welcomed and my needs being well met. Great service with great work. They took care of myself and my car quickly and cost effective. Very easy and pleasant experience. Would recommend 10/10"

Roger S. on 6/3/2017:
"The best experience I've had with any auto shop!! Everything was explained to me in detail before and during the entire process. John even showed me photos of all the before and after, and stayed after close of business so that I could have my car back for the weekend. North Road Auto has a new customer for life!! The best feeling of confidence and comfort in finding this man and his shop and you really just cannot put a price on that!"

Margaret G. on 5/31/2017:
"always outstanding service with a great sense of humor!"

Sara N. on 5/31/2017:
"My most recent car trouble was an urgent matter with an upcoming road trip. John was able to take me early that next morning. He was comprehensive yet careful not to rack up the price with unnecessary work. He outlined the pros and cons of each component, being transparent about it all. It was all done with time to spare before my trip. I was grateful that I had someone I could count on to take care of my car and take care of me. Now the car runs better than it has in years and it is 17 years old. That says something."

Kameko G. on 5/27/2017:
"Excellent service as always!"

Debbie K. on 5/27/2017:
"As always John provides the type of service we are all looking for; a great job with the highest amount of integrity. The way I see it, even if you have never been in the shop before, walk in and take a look around everything is neat and in its place. This tells me that his work and expectations will follow suit...and after all these years I would say he has proved me right! Thank you again."

Raymond & Dorris H. on 5/25/2017:
"We called on Tuesday with a multiple dashboard light problem. An appointment was scheduled for Wednesday, the issue was fixed quickly and for a reasonable price. We would definitely recommend North Road Auto and will certainly be using them again!"

Carol T. on 5/24/2017:
"Excellent service."

Margaret G. on 5/13/2017:
"Wow -- John really helped prevent a big problem for me by identifying an issue I was not aware of.... North Road Auto consistently provides excellent service in a very customer-friendly manner. Have gone there for years and wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Ken S. on 5/9/2017:
"Good first experience. Got me in the same day, work completed when promised with no suprises."

Ashley G. on 5/8/2017:
"John always does a great job! Very honest and so nice. I've been taking my car to him for years"

John & Harriet B. on 5/6/2017:
"Excellent as usual"

Karen B. on 5/5/2017:
"John is always a pleasure to work with!"

Cathy A. on 5/4/2017:
"Great service!"

Mike P. on 5/3/2017:
"Reliable service at a reasonable price!"

Anonymous on 5/2/2017:
"I had two nails in the same tire (my luck!) and called North Road Auto when I realized my tire was quickly losing air. Within an hour's time, they were able to fit me in and patch my tire before the end of the work day so I was able to drive home. The service was pleasant and fast -- I would highly recommend North Road Auto to anyone!"

Lee T. on 4/29/2017:
"I was very pleased with the service I received. John explained every detail as to what was done with my cars repairs. I thought he was very polite."

John & Harriet B. on 4/28/2017:
"Wonderful service as always"

Laura T. on 4/28/2017:
"Excellent service as always."

Steve M. on 4/28/2017:
"North Road always accommodates my busy schedule which I appreciate."

Anonymous on 4/27/2017:
"Always a great experience...great customer service even though my vehicle did not cooperate in showing the problem that needed to be fixed."

Athena B. on 4/26/2017:
"I woke up one morning to find my car had a flat tire. I had to change to my spare and called North Road Auto to see when I could come in to have everything fixed up. They moved a few things around and half an hour later I found myself at the shop with my tired fixed. They also checked and adjusted the tire pressure for all my tires and put the spare back! It was a relief to not have to worry about doing any of that myself as I would not know what to do!"

Kristina B. on 4/26/2017:
"I always had terrific service at North Road Auto. Even though I am leaving the area for a new position, I will continue to recommend John's service."

Philip R. on 4/24/2017:
"Good guys, good advice, great service."

Jeff H. on 4/22/2017:
"Excellent customer service! John and his staff have maintained my Pathfinder and FJ Cruiser for the past 15 years. The FJ just hit 150,000 miles and is in perfect condition due to the thorough attention to detail and strict adherence to the maintenance manual specifications. I highly recommend North Road Auto!"

Anonymous on 4/21/2017:
"Excellent and timely service."

Charles P. on 4/20/2017:
"John & his team are the best. We have been going there for years. Always great & courteous service."

Jackie A. on 4/20/2017:
"top service with a smile as usual..."

Mary D. on 4/20/2017:
"I would recommend North Road Auto to everyone. John and his team are great !"

Dean C. on 4/20/2017:
"Always professional and friendly!!!"

Joseph M. on 4/19/2017:
"great place to take your car!"

Anonymous on 4/17/2017:
"Very good work and honest evaluation."

Anonymous on 4/15/2017:
"John fit in an oil change and a battery change yesterday and there is always great service. Full synthetic oil change is really reasonably priced."

Robert G. on 4/14/2017:
"Car was taken in immediately and work completed very quickly."

Kristina L. on 4/13/2017:
"Everyone is so nice & helpful"

Jill C. on 4/10/2017:
"Always friendly and reliable"

Neil C. on 4/9/2017:
"I always feel like John Jaeb and the crew put me and my cars first I've been coming for years and with multiple vehicles. My Volvo has 226000 miles and looks new. I wholeheartedly recommend North Road Auto. N"

Colleen C. on 4/9/2017:
"Scheduled an appointment to my convenience. Kept me informed. Ready on time"

Peter V. on 4/8/2017:
"Last minute need for inspection and tune up before a long trip and got me in despite a packed schedule. Totally squared me away. John is a plain good guy."

Margaret G. on 4/8/2017:
"always thorough, helpful, and prompt"

Anonymous on 4/7/2017:
"The staff is always so professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and quick! I went in one afternoon complained about how my car was making a strange noise. They knew right off the bat what was the problem. Dropped my car off the next morning at 9am and it was fixed by 4pm that same day! Great place!"

Alejandra S. on 4/6/2017:
"Great service , trust worthy, very knoledgeable and quick, i will not take my car anywhere else!"

Anonymous on 4/6/2017:
"Very helpful and honest"

Jill C. on 4/3/2017:
"Always great"

Tony X. on 4/2/2017:

Tony X. on 4/2/2017:
"Very professional, good deals as always."

Bill C. on 3/31/2017:
"Brought a different vehicle to them for the first time."

Kathrine C. on 3/31/2017:
"Always helpful, honest, and kind … and I really appreciate that!"

Tam N. on 3/28/2017:
"Excellent work and great value from a top team. Along with honesty, integrity and excellence in service, I fully recommend North Road Auto for service on any vehicle."

Chris A. on 3/26/2017:
"Prompt quality service, as always."

Jeff T. on 3/24/2017:
"Great service as always. New tires for the car resulting in a great, comfortable ride."

Jill C. on 3/20/2017:
"They're always friendly and professional"

Philip S. on 3/18/2017:
"John always does a great job in a timely manner."

Maggie C. on 3/12/2017:
"Excellent and friendly car service. John explains in easy to understand terms what is wrong with my car and how to fix it. More importantly, he is honest and never tries to fix what is not broken. Very convenient location to wait for car to get repaired or oil change. Thanks for all the good work North Road Auto!!"

Joan M. on 3/7/2017:
"Price as quoted work done when promised"

Joan M. on 3/1/2017:
"Quick and easy"

Dennis C. on 2/24/2017:
"Prompt and professional service at a reasonable price."

John S. on 2/24/2017:
"excellent service. The general manager John took time to go over information regarding my vehicle. I would highly recommend"

Janet D. on 2/23/2017:
"I always feel that North Road Auto does the best for me when I have any work done in the shop. Always a pleasant experience."

Ann Marie S. on 2/21/2017:
"Easy to make appointment, repairs explained well, contacted me before doing a change in work. Have recommended them before to friends and will continue to do so"

Anonymous on 2/20/2017:
"Thank you for be great and prompt service! Very friendly and considerate towards the time restraints of the customers!"

Maghan S. on 2/19/2017:
"Nice easy & convenient in location to my job quick and helpful service as well."

Anonymous on 2/17/2017:
"Fast and friendly service"

Philip S. on 2/16/2017:
"John quickly identified and fixed the problem."

Katina C. on 2/16/2017:

Anonymous on 2/13/2017:
"very happy"

Sally S. on 2/12/2017:
"Always great customer service and trustworthy. Thanks for keeping my car on the road!"

Rose F. on 2/11/2017:
"Very good service all around! I came in with no steering fluid in my car and the employees were able to pinpoint that the problem derived from my steering rack that needed to be replaced. Shoutout to John, the owner, for all that he does and his team for making this repair stress-free! I will definitely keep using this service :)"

Coralie & Henry P. on 2/11/2017:
"Everything was so perfect, honest and transparent, thank you."

Sally S. on 2/11/2017:
"Always great customer service and trustworthy. Thanks for keeping my car on the road!"

Dan A. on 2/10/2017:
"John and his staff are courteous ,professional and they do a excellent job at a reasonable price"

Margaret G. on 2/9/2017:
"speedy, helpful, a1`nd did the little extras"

Anonymous on 2/4/2017:
"Great service!!"

Hayley B. on 2/3/2017:
"They took me in right away while being quick and so helpful! Would go there again."

Shahin N. on 2/3/2017:
"It always a pleasure talking to John and Bill. They take the time to explain about the conditions, isues and problems and what they have done to fix it."

Anonymous on 1/31/2017:
"The entire team at North Road Auto is both knowledgeable and considerate of customers' needs. From the initial contact to schedule work through the entire process explanations and alternatives are always clearly stated and questions are welcomed. All in all, a great experience."

Sherri E. on 1/28/2017:
"They got me in right away did a great job. I will go back to them"

Sean & Rosalie C. on 1/25/2017:
"Mechanics you can trust!!"

Nathalie F. on 1/24/2017:
"As always, pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable service."

Nicholas B. on 1/22/2017:
"Everyone is always great to deal with"

Anonymous on 1/21/2017:
"Great service all around"

Laura Z. on 1/19/2017:
"Very professional and helpful in explaining things to me in a way that I could understand. I'll definitely be back!"

Will S. on 1/18/2017:
"great job as always, no complaints from us"

Anonymous on 1/18/2017:
"very friendly and fast. Would definitely go back."

Anonymous on 1/18/2017:
"Very good service, extremely friendly."

Karen & Ray H. on 1/16/2017:
"I only came in for a simple oil change this time, but my wife and I have been in several times for various services. Everyone has always been honest and straight forward with info and estimates. Very knowledgeable staff. Everyone I saw from management to mechanic was polite and friendly not just to me but to each other. I would wholeheartedly recommend these folks to anyone."

Sue P. on 1/14/2017:
"Great place. Always takes great care of me. Discusses repairs for now and recommends future goals for the maintenance of the car. Thank guys."

Alli C. on 1/12/2017:
"Awesome staff, gets the job done on time, and is extremely helpful and friendly :)"

Mike P. on 1/11/2017:
"Wouldn't go anywhere else"

Anonymous on 1/10/2017:
"Appointments are honored and service is done in a timely manner"

Philip S. on 1/6/2017:
"John always goes above and beyond to do what's best."

Michele W. on 1/5/2017:
"John and Bill continue to take care of my vehicle as if it were their own."

Nancy D. on 1/4/2017:
"As usual I was satisfied with the attention I received. And I would and do recommend this service station to all."

Susan G. on 1/4/2017:
"I feel good going here because these guys are honest and trustworthy. I had a superficial tire problem, I brought it in, they looked at it and they didn't even charge me. Over the years I bought all my tires from them and I've always been happy with their service!"

Philip S. on 1/2/2017:
"Always helpful and professional!"

Roberta S. on 1/2/2017:
"Hi Guys: Car's driving well, but the check engine light came on. Christmas Day, no less!"

Michael L. on 12/31/2016:
"As always, everyone at North Road is professional, friendly and one always walks away knowing what was done and why. They are thorough, transparent and honest. I highly recommend them."

Duane B. on 12/29/2016:
"Quick prompt service with a smile as always from North Road Auto."

Debra M. on 12/28/2016:
"Great service as always! Highly recommend North Road Auto!"

Steve P. on 12/24/2016:
"I like how the technicians always checked to make sure they understand what the customer wants."

Anonymous on 12/22/2016:
"Always treated friendly and fairly."

Bob H. on 12/21/2016:
"As always, my wife and I were impressed by the knowledge that John showed about autos. WE didn't know we had a remote starter on our car but John not only found it but explained the operation to us in layman's terms. This is a place you can go to knowing they will only do what is necessary for your car at a resionable price."

Kristine G. on 12/20/2016:
"Owner/mechanic was very helpful. Explained everything, instead of just trying to scam me. I would recommend this place to everyone I know!"

Bill C. on 12/17/2016:
"As good as it always is!"

Lisa B. on 12/13/2016:
"Once again, I'm very happy with the service! My only wish is that they would stay open until 6 p.m. at night and/or on Saturdays. That is my only complaint."

Anonymous on 12/10/2016:
"Most trustworthy mechanics around...wouldn't go anywhere else. The owner is super nice- yesterday after working almost two hours past closing time on a Friday to get our car done for the weekend, he took the time to show our curious 9 year old boy how all the parts involved with a timing belt work (that's what we had repaired). Highly recommend them!"

Scott S. on 12/8/2016:
"great job as usual. Fast, fair and friendly."

Andrew G. on 12/3/2016:
"This was hands down the best experience I have every had with an auto repair shop. John (the owner) was one of the most passionate people about their work I have ever seen. He made everything simple and easy to understand, and on top of that they send out emails reminding you about yearly maintenance and inspections. The owner also informed me that he used to own two shops, but could not devote the time to his customers the way he wanted to. If that is not the best customer service, I'd like someone to prove otherwise. Nothing but amazing things about North Road Auto. Great People, Great Shop, Great Prices."

Lisa B. on 12/2/2016:
"John was very thorough and explained things very well."

Wayne M. on 11/30/2016:
"Great service! Friendly staff."

Richard G. on 11/29/2016:
"Great service."

Margaret G. on 11/25/2016:
"The management and mechanics at North Road Auto are amazing -- competent, as one would expect, but also timely, excellent service , and very helpful, giving good advice,"

Philip R. on 11/24/2016:
"They helped me again. Even fitted me in on a very busy day and got my repair done."

Jill C. on 11/22/2016:
"They were fast and efficient. I thought I might need work but they said everything was fine. They could have done unnecessary things and charged me anyway but they're honest."

Sara N. on 11/18/2016:
"John and the staff were very helpful in explainibg what needed to be done, but didn't try to add more on that wasn't necessary. They even worked me into their busy schedule so I could go on my trip to MA safely. Thank you!"

Anonymous on 11/17/2016:
"Definitely felt welcomed as a customer."

Philip R. on 11/16/2016:
"These guys are the best. They have helped me so many times, and get it right the first time. I recommend them all the time."

Bill C. on 11/15/2016:
"Short and sweet; the way we all like it."

Anonymous on 11/15/2016:
"I had my car issues taken cared at North Road Auto twice and was very pleased with the services I received both times. The shop owner John is a very helpful, patient and competent man who obviously cares about doing honest business. He offered clear estimates on cost, detailed explanations about what would be done and educational/useful information about the things I need to know as a car owner. I thank John for the great service he provided and would certainly ask for his assistance again if needed."

Mike P. on 11/14/2016:
"Excellent service as usual.Highly recommend this shop!"

Robert G. on 11/14/2016:
"Very competent mechanics and thorough service. Cheerfulness of the office staff"

Anonymous on 11/12/2016:
"Great friendly service as always"

Reyna D. on 11/11/2016:
"Friendly staff and very knowledgeable."

Anonymous on 11/11/2016:
"Very accommodating and helpful!"

Robert G. on 11/10/2016:
"Always a pleasure"

James V. on 11/10/2016:
"Broadly speaking, excellent service."

Shaira P. on 11/9/2016:
"I always enjoy my service here. They are really friendly and explain everything thoroughly"

Kamran S. on 11/7/2016:
"great service! prompt and reasonably priced."

Anonymous on 11/5/2016:
"Your service is consistently courteous and efficient."

Patti Jo R. on 11/5/2016:
"Good morning, thank you very much for taking care of my car and getting it ready to travel!"

Jackie A. on 11/3/2016:
"Great, as usual"

Bill S. on 11/2/2016:
"It's a pleasure dealing with North Road Auto because of your honesty and thoroughness."

Danielle O. on 10/16/2016:
"I had a great experience, again, at North road auto. John and Bill quickly got my estimate pulled up from a couple months ago and got the tires ordered and in stock in two days. Got them installed and had my car back by the time I wanted it! I will definitely be returning my business!"

Will S. on 10/15/2016:
"great service and honesty !!!!!!!!!!"

Dennis & Donna P. on 10/14/2016:
"We trust John 100%!"

Anonymous on 10/14/2016:
"Great service to the car, great service to the people! What more could you ask for?"

Dennis & Donna P. on 10/13/2016:

Anonymous on 10/8/2016:
"Good place"

Anonymous on 10/8/2016:
"Loved it great experience"

Karen & Ray H. on 10/6/2016:
"I highly recommend them. Honest & trustworthy."

Anonymous on 10/6/2016:
"Very timely and thoughtful when dealing with my car."

Anonymous on 10/3/2016:
"Service was great"

Lee H. on 9/26/2016:
"Warm and caring people and consistently excellent service."

Jill C. on 9/26/2016:
"Everyone was friendly, the work was done quickly and efficiently."

Debra M. on 9/22/2016:
"Always excellent service! Highly recommend North Rd Auto!"

Steve S. on 9/22/2016:
"Great service , friendly knowledgeable staff , dependable , reasonably priced"

Anonymous on 9/15/2016:
"Courteous service, felt as though employees were friendly and honest"

Anonymous on 9/9/2016:
"Thoughtful, thorough and attentive."

Anthony S. on 9/7/2016:
"As a college student, many local businesses often try to take advantage of us young adults. When I had to have my car towed to North Road Auto, I was skeptical that the costs for my repairs would be outstanding. However, after speaking with and doing business with North Road Auto, I was extremely pleased. The customer service was outstanding and the service and prices were impeccable. I would recommended this auto service shop to any Marist student, as well as others in the surrounding community."

Nathalie F. on 9/7/2016:
"These gentlemen are by far the most professional car repair staff I have come across in years. This is now my go-to shop because of their combination of knowledge, experience, and most of all, belief in customer service."

Chris A. on 9/6/2016:
"Excellent, quick and reliable service. As always."

Brianna V. on 9/4/2016:
"North Road Auto is the best! Their service was super fast and very fairly priced. In addition, everyone there was so nice and friendly!"

Zach W. on 9/2/2016:
"Went for a car inspection and had satisfying results. Called saying 2 bulbs were out and they needed to change them. Next call I got I got to get my car back. Took about 5 hour but it was a busy day for them."

Anonymous on 9/2/2016:
"Great, John has done a fantastic job helping us out."

Bill C. on 8/31/2016:
"Job done on time, and at the quoted price. Even got some extra work done, saving a trip back on another day."

Anonymous on 8/31/2016:
"My first interaction with North Road Auto was quite positive. I requested a quote on new tires, and I received a call back the following day. I left my car Sunday night, and the work was completed by late Monday morning, earlier than I expected. I had a friendly and upbeat interaction with John, the owner, who wasn't at all put off by my asking him if he had his own alignment equipment aligned, as I understood some shops don't do that regularly."

Mike P. on 8/30/2016:
"Excellent as always.John and his crew are as professional as can be! Highly recommend this shop!"

Elizabeth J. on 8/29/2016:
"I love North Road Auto....They always go above and beyond, and treat me with respect. And, of course my 2002 Audi A-4 loves them as well...feels like a new car."

Anonymous on 8/29/2016:
"Service and tire rotation was quick and thorough."

Anonymous on 8/26/2016:
"Professional friendly, courteous service is what I expect. You guys are spot on!"

Jonnie K. on 8/25/2016:
"Very honest, diligent and knowledgeable."

Shannon R. on 8/25/2016:
"Excellent service, always friendly!"

Lisa H. on 8/19/2016:
"Prompt service, detailed explanations"

Arianne D. on 8/19/2016:
"North Road Auto came to my rescue! I had embarked on a vacation with my car packed to the hilt when my check engine light came on-I stopped by at 4:30 and they stayed open until 5:30 fixing my car (even getting Napa to run over a part just for me). I couldn't have been more grateful that they dipped into their evening time to insure that my car was safe to continue it's journey. They even had miracle grow for my basil plant that I had brought into the waiting room to escape the heat of the car. Now that's customer service! I would recommend North Road Auto to anyone in the area, and anyone passing through-hands down one of the best mechanic experiences I have ever had."

Anonymous on 8/19/2016:
"John and his crew were so great! They Picked me up and dropped me off and helped explain what the best while still being affordable option was for me. They were all so nice and helpful. And did excellent work. It is nice to see a local place like this. I will definitely being going back to them again!"

Anonymous on 8/18/2016:
"Great and informative!"

Jonnie K. on 8/11/2016:
"Great friendly service. Honest."

Bill C. on 8/10/2016:
"I stopped in without an appointment. That doesn't always work out."

Anonymous on 8/9/2016:
"I find the service to be impeccable."

Debra M. on 8/5/2016:
"Outstanding service. Highly recommend North Road Auto"

Michael M. on 8/4/2016:
"Always great!"

Anonymous on 8/1/2016:
"North Road Auto spent the time to diagnose my car to pinpoint the problem and do only the work that was required."

Danielle O. on 7/29/2016:
"I had my jeep inspected before my trip yesterday. I appreciated that the owner came out with me to my car to tell me what was wrong and what needed done to my jeep and explained everything in detail, even explaining how to SAVE money.. I will definitely be returning with my business!"

Anonymous on 7/26/2016:
"Fast service for a fair price. Wouldn't consider taking my car anywhere else."

Jill C. on 7/26/2016:
"They took care of my car in a timely manner while I waited in a pleasant clean waiting room."

Jeff E. on 7/26/2016:
"Great job thank you very much guys"

Anonymous on 7/25/2016:
"Excellent service!"

Stephen S. on 7/23/2016:
"very good"

Omar C. on 7/21/2016:
"John and his staff were friendly and up front throughout my entire service. After much research they were the most affordable and honest in the area. Definitely coming back."

Karen & Ray H. on 7/19/2016:
"Very happy with the service I received. They were up front about everything & didn't try to sell me repairs I didn't need. Would highly recommend them."

Ed T. on 7/16/2016:
"Excellent as always! The most professionally run auto repair shop I have ever encountered, and I've seen a lot!"

Nicholas B. on 7/14/2016:
"Great guys. Always nice and kind. Only had a couple major fixes. So far so good."

Will S. on 7/10/2016:
"great , honest and timely, we love north road auto"

Joseph M. on 7/7/2016:
"very professional, polite. thumbs up."

Tim W. on 7/6/2016:
"I will miss you guys. Not going to find a better shop in Texas. The best Car Shop in The Hudson Valley."

Anonymous on 7/3/2016:
"always honors timely appointments......concerned about customer spending."

Adil B. on 7/2/2016:
"My vehicle was disabled near the garage. I walked over and the employees were extremely helpful. The part needed was something that would not normally be carried. They were creative and came up a with alternate permanent solution and had the car all fixed within 2 hours of me entering the garage for the first time."

Anonymous on 7/1/2016:
"I used the night drop off, which is very convenient. Got a call the next day with a diagnosis and service recommendations. The work was done the same day and I picked it up in the afternoon. The work on the suspension makes it feel like a brand new car, problem solved. Thanks so much for great service all around."

Dean C. on 7/1/2016:
"Professional group of guys!!! No surprises, always upfront and honest with the customer!!!"

Mike P. on 6/28/2016:
"Excellent Service As Always.Never would think of going anywhere else!"

Anonymous on 6/28/2016:
"I was in a bind with a flat tire. I was close by, and a friend suggested I try North Road Auto."

Steve M. on 6/27/2016:
"John and his crew treat my car like their own."

Scott S. on 6/25/2016:
"Sometimes I wish my car had more problems just so I could go to North Road Auto more often. This is the ultimate Zen auto center. They work fast, but don't rush. They are personable, there are smiles. See no reason to take the car anywhere else. Thank you John!"

Margaret G. on 6/24/2016:
"excellent in every way, as always....."

Anonymous on 6/22/2016:
"As usual, professional, thorough and a willingness to explore options for the work to be done. Explanations are clear and make sense; questions are answered. I always leave feeling confident that whatever the problem has been that brought me in, has been addressed."

Will W. on 6/22/2016:
"Great service, fit me right in to get my truck inspected and stayed late to fix my emergency brake cable so it would pass."

Jennifer L. on 6/21/2016:
"They managed to fit me in on short notice on a busy Monday. Thanks =)"

Anonymous on 6/21/2016:
"Always a good experience! The guys at North Road take good care of my care and everything is always done as planned and kept in good working order"

Shakone W. on 6/20/2016:
"Excellent, North Road Auto offers superior service and a timely manner and for a reasonable price. They truly care about their customers and the job they do. Professional and courteous. Love them. I feel safe, and they take the time to educate."

Bob H. on 6/16/2016:
"As always, the service at NRA was excellent. It is always a pleasure to see John and his staff as i appreciate the quality of the work they do."

Anonymous on 6/15/2016:
"Thank you for taking care of my car as if it was your own!"

Anonymous on 6/10/2016:
"Needed to get my daughters car in to look at a low tire without an appointment. This was no problem, and tire was fixed correctly and promptly."

Chris A. on 6/9/2016:
"Appreciate the thorough, friendly customer service and attention to detail."

Jill C. on 6/8/2016:
"The guys were very friendly and professional. When there was a problem with my receipt it was handled immediately."

Steven S. on 6/6/2016:
"Fast service, friendly and helpful staff, reasonable pricing."

Bill C. on 6/5/2016:
"Managed to fit me in on short notice on a busy Friday. Thanks."

Debbie M. on 6/1/2016:
"Great service as always!!! Highly recommend"

Anonymous on 5/28/2016:
"Always excellent customer service."

Debbie K. on 5/28/2016:
"I can always count on John and his team to do their best. Once again they have not let me down. Thank you."

Philip R. on 5/26/2016:
"these guys are great, I use them all the time. Fair, honest and helpful."

Steve K. on 5/24/2016:
"Good service. Honest and reasonable"

Tammy+ G. on 5/24/2016:
"Jon and the guys all take well care of me and my car making sure it's safe for me to be on the road"

David B. on 5/21/2016:
"Great! Fast, convenient, effective, and courteous."

Lee M. on 5/21/2016:
"Great service including a ride to and from work! I'm not going anywhere else."

Mike P. on 5/19/2016:
"Always excellent service"

Laura T. on 5/18/2016:
"Great service, as always. Thank you!"

Margaret G. on 5/17/2016:
"excellent, as always"

Anonymous on 5/12/2016:
"Very helpful service. John is very thorough and I always feel comfortable going for all my car's needs"

Tiffanie M. on 5/12/2016:
"Excellent, Prompt, Courteous Service! I brought the car in for an issue with my tire. I was greeted by the owner himself and he explained what they would look at before they took my car. Issue fixed, Job Well Done!"

Anonymous on 5/10/2016:
"Both times I've brought my car here they have been extremely helpful, trustworthy and nice. Would definitely recommend"

Jonnie K. on 5/8/2016:
"Great experience. Did timing belt and a few other things as long as he was in there, Also found a problem with persistent oil leak - he was sold a faulty part TWICE."

Kristin R. on 5/5/2016:
"Everything was great, John, Bill and the crew did great work"

Anonymous on 5/5/2016:
"Service was efficient and folks are friendly and considerate to customers"

Wayne M. on 5/4/2016:
"Excellent professional and timely service."

Anonymous on 5/3/2016:
"Everything went well."

Alexander M. on 5/1/2016:
"They are GREAT!!!!"

Josh & Beth C. on 4/29/2016:
"Great service! Super professional and personable."

Richard G. on 4/29/2016:
"Great to work with."

Jeff T. on 4/28/2016:
"Great service! Friendly, trustworthy people! Would not go to anyone else!"

Bill C. on 4/27/2016:
"Just needed an inspection. It was done before I could finish lunch at the deli."

Sally S. on 4/25/2016:
"They keep my old vehicle on the road! Great customer service!"

Anonymous on 4/22/2016:
"Great customer service , been getting my oil changes done here for about 3 years now only place I go"

Max B. on 4/21/2016:
"Great group of people working there. Nice, friendly and they get the job done. Thanks guys!"

Jill C. on 4/15/2016:
"The man running the desk was extremeley friendly and very knowledgeable"

Anonymous on 4/15/2016:
"Really nice people, and quick, quality service."

Fabio D. on 4/14/2016:
"excellent and prompt service"

Daniel G. on 4/13/2016:
"I had a nail in my tire and they were able to repair it in very little time."

Anonymous on 4/12/2016:
"He was very sincere and upfront with everything that needed to be done on my car. It was nice of him to call and give me a detailed report of my vehicle so I could explore my options. I am glad I found such an up front, sincere mechanic away from home."

Lou M. on 4/9/2016:
"I was given great info and will go back for service in NOV>"

Bill C. on 4/7/2016:
"My visit yesterday was as good as it always is."

Tim W. on 4/6/2016:
"Great Service as Usual. I don't know what I would do without John and the Guys."

Dave W. on 4/6/2016:
"The best alto shop around"

John & Harriet B. on 4/2/2016:
"as usual, excellent service."

Scott L. on 4/1/2016:
"Very friendly, great service, thanks!"

Lee H. on 3/31/2016:
"Always a great experience at North Road Auto.. Thank you John!"

Valerie L. on 3/30/2016:
"As usual, great, courteous and reliable service."

Kim P. on 3/27/2016:
"Very thorough, courteous and reasonable. The work is excellent and I never have to worry that the job wasn't properly done."

Anonymous on 3/26/2016:
"always exccellent, fast, and friendly!"

Colleen C. on 3/23/2016:
"Great customer service. Very efficient."

Dennis & Donna P. on 3/23/2016:
"I will only bring my vehicles to John."

Dennis & Donna P. on 3/22/2016:
"I will only bring my vehicles to John."

Anonymous on 3/17/2016:
"Very helpful and very nice. I have brought my car there twice now, both times were very positive experiences. Fair prices too, I trust them with my car and will definitely be going back."

Anonymous on 3/17/2016:
"As always, there was concern shown for questions I raised, and complete and thorough explanations given. The "fix" for the issue that brought me in was left open. That is, in the event that the situation was not improved, I was encouraged to contact John to explore further possibilities. I appreciate the time and expertise that characterize service at North Road Auto."

Dennis & Donna P. on 3/16/2016:
"Trust John 100%!"

Valerie L. on 3/11/2016:
"As usual, North Road Auto does it again. Great and friendly service, done in reasonable time. I highly recommend them."

Anonymous on 3/9/2016:
"Honest assessment of needs and excellent work performed."

Philip S. on 3/8/2016:
"It's always a pleasure having John work on our vehicles."

Bill & Mellisa D. on 3/8/2016:
"Fast,affordable work. Thanks again."

Anonymous on 3/7/2016:
"I always get prompt, reasonably priced , quality work at North Road Auto. I had my front rotors and brake pads replaced and they are working great."

Anonymous on 3/6/2016:
"Honest and straight forward. No hidden charges, very satisfied with the service and would absolutely come back"

Jeff T. on 3/4/2016:
"Great service!"

Anonymous on 3/3/2016:
"As a first time customer, I received the impression that the owner, John, is a very honest person and he is also extremely knowledgable. Pricing for service was very fair, as my dealer would have charged me double what I paid. I would recommend North Road Auto to any friend of mine experiencing car troubles."

Lee H. on 2/29/2016:
"As always my experience at N road auto is excellent. John the owner, is kind, thorough and always professional. My car is running like brand-new after it's oil change and regular check up. Thank you John and everyone at North Road auto."

Maggie C. on 2/28/2016:
"Do you want real 5 star automobile service in Dutchess County? Do you like honest and knowledgeable people who know what they are doing? Do you want to be treated politely and courteously? My car(s) have been thoroughly serviced for over ten years by John at North Road Auto and I will continue to get my car maintenance and repair work done there. I like a clean, up-to-date shop that communicates to women on a professional level. I also like the email reminders to let me know when my car needs an oil change, inspection or engine service."

Anonymous on 2/27/2016:
"Very friendly great service. First time coming here as I was in Poughkeepsie for a visit and needed my impertinent done, and I was very happy I chose north road auto!"

Clara B. on 2/25/2016:
"I had my NY state inspection done at North Road Auto and it went perfectly. I dropped my car off and they called me to tell me it was done in less than their quoted amount of time. Customer service was excellent. I inquired about several things I have done routinely for my car, which I normally have done at the Dealership, and their prices were better. I will definitely be going back and would refer them as well."

Bill C. on 2/24/2016:
"Work was easy to schedule; completed on time and at a reasonable price."

Will W. on 2/24/2016:
"John fit me right in the schedule, quickly diagnosed and fixed my problem. Plus he found another problem and called me to find out what I wanted done. Great service as always."

Arlene C. from New Paltz on 2/23/2016:
"The best service I've ever received in my life. Highly recommend these guys!"

Anonymous on 2/20/2016:
"Service was very friendly, honest and fast. Highly recommend North Road Auto"

Anonymous on 2/20/2016:
"Honest professional and competent service!"

Christine G. on 2/20/2016:
"Staff was incredibly nice and helpful. Speedy service and even stayed open past closed in order for me to pick up my tire that was being worked on. John is a great business man."

Anonymous on 2/17/2016:
"Thank you for quick and courteous service!"

Yvonne C. on 2/13/2016:
"Great service!"

Anonymous on 2/13/2016:
"John helped out our son in an emergency situation."

Anonymous on 2/13/2016:
"Excellent service. Really takes the time to explain everything."

Tim W. on 2/9/2016:
"Can't say enough about John and the Guys. Great all around. Only place that will ever service my Vehicles."

Jonnie K. on 2/4/2016:

Jennifer B. on 2/3/2016:
"Great as always, thank you!"

Anonymous on 2/3/2016:
"I have been very happy with the service I received. I would highly recommend them."

Margaret G. on 2/2/2016:
"These guys are amazing! They figured out my problem, which was bit complex, fixed it, and had my car all set for me when I needed it. They are also good natured, and John really takes the time to explain things. I highly recommend them."

Eugene G. on 1/30/2016:
"was amazing. They were professional and fix my issue and were fair with the pricing,"

Anonymous on 1/28/2016:
"This is the best auto shop i've been to in Poughkeepsie."

Jennifer L. on 1/28/2016:
"Great customer service."

Tim W. on 1/28/2016:
"Great and Speedy Service as Usual"

Nancy D. on 1/27/2016:
"Excellent service. John has serviced my 2007 Toyot Camri since 2007. Am very satisfied with his professional."

Sheri A. on 1/25/2016:
"The staff is very friendly as well as accommodating. I called last minute to schedule an inspection and a oil change. Despite how busy they were, they not only fit me in, but they also had my car ready in just under 3 hours. I work across the street so I was able to drop it off and walk to work; however, they offered me a ride so that I did not have to walk. I will definitely be back."

Will S. on 1/23/2016:
"these guys are great, I will be a customer for life !!!!"

David R. on 1/23/2016:
"spot on service"

Anonymous on 1/22/2016:
"Very helpful and quick service!"

Ron T. on 1/22/2016:
"Service was outstanding, as always. We always appreciate your honest and reliable service."

Philip S. on 1/21/2016:
"Always a pleasure!"

John A. on 1/20/2016:
"Quality work from trustworthy,experienced people"

Steven S. on 1/18/2016:
"Fast service, fair charge, good location."

Alfonso D. on 1/14/2016:
"honest and wonderful!"

Joan M. on 1/13/2016:
"Great service"

Bill C. on 1/11/2016:
"Great service at a fair price. Don't miss this one."

Valerie L. on 1/9/2016:
"Always helpful. I can't say enough good things about North Road Auto. Go there with confidence, you will not be disappointed."

Anonymous on 1/8/2016:
"Great service as always. Friendly and helpful."

Justin B. on 1/6/2016:
"Great service, helpful staff."

Anonymous on 1/6/2016:
"They were amazing. Timely, professional, honest and extremely friendly. I would recommend to anyone looking for an all in one car service center."

Anonymous on 1/6/2016:
"Always a pleasant experience. I am a single mom. Like most women I've had bad experiences with mechanics....... I bring mine as well as my daughters cars there. They listen to our weird noises descriptions and laugh with us..... not at us... they are rebuilding my trust and confidence in professional auto service..... and ppl service!"

Anonymous on 1/5/2016:
"Every visit I've received excellent and pleasant service!"

Joan M. on 1/5/2016:
"very accommodating."

Dolores P. on 1/1/2016:
"I'm glad you asked. I was thinking of a way to say thank you. It was your common sense response to me, in the time of my car trouble crisis, pulling into your lot with my cars' flashers on because something happened with my antifreeze parts-car smoking like a bandit on my way to you -"that helped calm my panic, my fears, and tears over not wating to loose my car (because the problem with it, you might tell tell me might be too big to fix) when you said "We fix cars. That's what we do." And you did....and it turned out to be less if a problem than I was imagining it to be in a fast, curteous manner. "We fix cars." ...I walked away thinking, "Well of course!" Duh! Thank you."

Anonymous on 1/1/2016:
"Excellent service. Friendly staff"

Edward M. on 12/31/2015:
"What more can I say to praise this place? These guys are Professional with a capital "P". I wouldn't trust my cars with anyone else."

Arlene C. from New Paltz on 12/29/2015:
"I highly recommend them. Fast, HONEST, and just plain courteous. They answer any question you have. Highly impressed."

Destini P. on 12/22/2015:
"The service at North Road Auto is above and beyond. They are efficient as well as curtious and informng. They will answer any questions, explain all issues (big or small), patient, trustworthy, and clear. I have been going to North Road Auto for 5 years and the service has been consistent and reliable. I have and will continue to refer anyone with car problems to North Road Auto. Thank you for all that you guys have done."

Anonymous on 12/18/2015:
"I took my car there for analysis and repair process because I know one of the mechanics. Because of that I felt confident that I wouldn't get a raw deal and if he worked on my car I know I would have gotten the best attention to detail. Before I signed up for them to do the work I estimated online the cost for what was needed to be done and North Road Auto came well under! Also dealing with John Jabe was very easy to deal with, no pressure, he just tells it like it is which is great."

Joe R. on 12/18/2015:
"What a great place to bring your car, you will not be disappointed,and the owner is the nicest guy you will ever meet."

Anonymous on 12/18/2015:
"As ever, grateful for your service. Thank you!"

Shahin N. on 12/17/2015:
"John fit my oil change into his busy schedule at very short notice. I am completely happy with the service"

Lou M. on 12/17/2015:
"Service was provided in a timely fashion. John seems to be quite familiar with many Auto problems and solutions!"

Tim W. on 12/16/2015:
"Thank you again for the Excellent Service"

David R. on 12/15/2015:
"Great service, friendly staff!"

Alexander M. on 12/10/2015:
"North Road crew and John are awesome !!!! No hassles, just a superb service!"

Alex P. on 12/10/2015:

Anonymous on 12/9/2015:
"Very helpful!"

Bob H. on 12/8/2015:
"As usual, the service was finished in the time allotted and I was informed of any problems as they became apparent. John and his excellent staff do professional work in a minimum of time. They are the best."

Anonymous on 12/8/2015:
"prompt and courteous service"

Michael M. on 12/6/2015:
"Excellent service, as always!"

Anonymous on 12/5/2015:
"Quick, easy, and simple."

Duane W. on 12/5/2015:
"John at North Road Auto worked through diagnosing and fixing multiple difficult problems to keep our family's car running."

Bill C. on 12/4/2015:
"In and out quickly; job well done at a reasonable cost"

Anonymous on 12/3/2015:
"Wonderful, timely service! Reasonably priced, couldn't have asked for more."

Duane B. on 12/3/2015:
"John and his team at North Road did an excellent job getting my car back on the road after a creator on Lauer Road in LaGrange swallowed up my tire. Thank you North Road for the quick, professional and curious services."

Laura T. on 12/2/2015:
"As always, great service!"

Colleen C. on 12/1/2015:
"Very customer friendly. They got me in the same day. Reasonably priced and conveniently located close to my job."

Anonymous on 11/23/2015:
"Easy, made an appointment, they fixed what was broken, and I didn't feel like it cost me an arm and a leg."

Alvin E. on 11/18/2015:
"went out of there way to pick me up so I could pick my car up from them."

Tim W. on 11/14/2015:
"John and the Guys are the Best in the Business. Always there when we need them. Wouldn't bring my Cars anywhere else."

Katherine L. on 11/12/2015:
"Excellent Customer Service!! First time here and very impressed!! I would definitely refer!! Thank you!!!!"

Steve M. on 11/11/2015:
"John and his crew are the best!"

Anonymous on 11/10/2015:
"John and his staff are knowledgeable and professional. Any matters pertaining to needed work are fully explained, and where appropriate other options are offered. Customer questions and concerns are patiently addressed and are, in fact, encouraged. It is a pleasure to continue to trust the care and maintenance of my automobile to the folks at North Road Auto. ,"

Anonymous on 11/7/2015:
"John and his crew always take great care of my car! John goes out of his way to explain the work that has been done. I know I am in good hands when I bring my car in for service."

Anonymous on 11/4/2015:
"Quick diagnose - fast repair - good checkout"

Regina C. on 11/3/2015:
"John was able to fit me in for an inspection the very same day. So thankful. The work was done very timely. I can't say enough about how helpful and honest North Road Auto is."

Anonymous on 11/3/2015:
"It was nice to meet John after the combination of his two shops. He made us feel comfortable that the quality of service will continue."

Joan And Richard G. on 10/31/2015:
"Excellent service. Fast. Clean. Honest. I love that if they see an issue, they tell us, and they tell us whether it can wait or not. It helps us to plan our expenses. A lot less surprises since going here."

Anonymous on 10/31/2015:
"Great people. Great and honest service."

David R. on 10/30/2015:
"Quick and concise. Outstanding service, which I do not find surprising."

Karl S. on 10/28/2015:
"Excellent service, friendly staff"

Jennifer B. on 10/27/2015:
"great work !"

Torin R. on 10/24/2015:
"Excellent quick service. Nice people!"

Anonymous on 10/22/2015:
"I have been getting my car serviced here for several years. Staff are professional and courteous. The estimates are accurate and reasonable. For non-emergency work, they help plan work during rebate seasons (eg tires, struts) and file the paperwork for me for the rebates. I appreciate the automated service reminders and coupons they send. Overall, very customer service oriented, "user-friendlly," and I have no hesitation entrusting my 2004 car to their good care!"

Kameko G. on 10/21/2015:
"Wonderful service! Friendly and helpful."

Laura T. on 10/18/2015:
"Great service, as always!"

Mike P. on 10/14/2015:
"After having my vehicle checked at the Volkswagen dealership and told it needed very expensive repairs I brought it to North Road to have it checked out.Found owner John to be the most honest mechanic/shop owner I have encountered in ages.Repairs were not as extensive or costly as originaly told by dealership (don't go to Hudson Valley Volkswagen). I'll be a customer for life."

David R. on 10/13/2015:
"Great service!"

Meghan L. on 10/12/2015:
"I think North Road Auto is Awesome!"

Anonymous on 10/11/2015:
"Wonderful service as always! I was driving along when the rain started, and then I remembered that my wiper blades needed to be replaced. I pulled into North Road without an appointment, and John took my car in and replaced the blades in minutes. Thanks John!"

Margaret G. on 10/10/2015:
"excellent as always"

Anonymous on 10/7/2015:
"great! John is great to work with and very attentive to your car's needs. I feel very secure knowing that my car is well maintained. I would recommend them to anyone that needs car work done!"

Anonymous on 10/6/2015:
"Very pleased with the quick service I received as a walk-in. They quickly diagnosed the problem and were able to do the repair right away."

Ben T. on 10/2/2015:
"Was very happy with the service. I needed to get something done quickly, they took me right in and got me right back out. Very reasonable price too."

Anonymous on 9/30/2015:
"As always, great service."

Michael M. on 9/28/2015:
"North Road was great, as always."

Margaret G. on 9/27/2015:
"excellent as always -- John gives a great explanation of the problem and it is corrected expertly and quickly."

Chloe L. on 9/24/2015:

Candice B. on 9/19/2015:
"I have been taking my car here for awhile. The service has always been great. I have recommended several of my friends to go there."

John H. on 9/16/2015:
"Honest and ethical. North Road Auto went out of their way to help fix my vehicle and get it back on the road. I called up randomly one day and said that my window was dead and stuck in the down position. John from North Road looked up the weather and said: "oh no, its supposed to thunderstorm today. if you can you can bring it by and ill keep it covered in one of the garage bays and I will try my best to get to it today." North Road really went out of their way when I was just a stranger calling with a problem. I would definitely recommend North Road Auto to anyone. They have done right by me and its great to see such an honest business that cares so much."

Will S. on 9/16/2015:
"my truck was fixed as promised and the guys are the best in poughkeepsie"

Kathy W. on 9/15/2015:
"Great service every time"

Louis P. on 9/15/2015:
"excellent service....never had a problem...."

Alannah C. on 9/14/2015:
"Very good experience getting a safety check. As a new car owner, I had many questions and anxieties and John went above and beyond to walk me through the process and answer all of my questions thoroughly."

Jennifer B. on 9/12/2015:
"Great service, really appreciate how thorough, upfront and professional they are!"

Anonymous on 9/12/2015:
"Very helpful and Friendly! The owner knows his stuff and really just wants to help the costumer and keeps you in the loop through out the full process of whatever you're doing with your car."

Tiara C. on 9/12/2015:
"Excellent service!"

Bill C. on 9/3/2015:
"NIce and fast. Good service."

Tim W. on 9/1/2015:
"Great Service"

Jeff T. on 9/1/2015:
"Great service, great people!"

Steve M. on 9/1/2015:
"Always great service from John and his crew."

Andrew B. on 8/31/2015:
"This is the third time visiting your shop and I was completely satisfide with the professionalism and quality and quickness of the tire change and repairs.There were no surprises and a call to me about needed repairs were comforting. Thank you again for the great service!"

Kristine C. on 8/30/2015:
"Got an appointment right away!"

Philip S. on 8/30/2015:
"Had a brake light problem on a car where part replacement is difficult due to the age of the car. John creatively fixed this in a very timely manner."

Nancy D. on 8/29/2015:
"Excellent. John was very courteous Recommend . Shop was very pleasantly. Would surely recommend."

Ariana G. on 8/27/2015:
"Extremely throrough, knowledgeable, and helpful. Very quick and nice."

Anonymous on 8/24/2015:
"Great, professional service. I'm always happy when I pick my car up!"

Wayne M. on 8/22/2015:
"Prompt, effective service."

Anonymous on 8/21/2015:
"Excellent, honest and well performed service! I will continue to use North Road auto for all my cars maintenance and repair needs."

Anonymous on 8/19/2015:
"Terrific quality & service. Been win John for ten plus years."

David R. on 8/18/2015:
"Excellent service and communication. Keep up the good work! Dave"

Freddie C. on 8/18/2015:
"Mike is always ready to help when you need it most."

Anonymous on 8/15/2015:
"great service"

Anonymous on 8/14/2015:
"Very comfortable waiting room. In and out quickly. Good service and friendly atmosphere."

Debbie K. on 8/13/2015:
"I don't want to sound like one of those people who writes a review and comes across as a set up. I have been a customer of Johns for many years now at the "Carr Shop" (a good ten+) and I have known his wife at least twice that many years. Why that matters to me is because I like to know the people I am dealing with and I care to know if the person/business I am dealing with is honest and cares about there service and what they are "selling". I continue to come back first and foremost because of Johns integrity and secondly because John and his team do excellent work and only the work that really needs to be done. If John recommends something, it is necessary. Quite honestly I work too hard for my money to throw it out the window or end up paying for the same job twice. I have no intentions of being a repeat customer (at any type of establishment) if I feel I am not getting the best quality and service. John is honest, and will always stand behind his work. :)"

Anonymous on 8/13/2015:
"John is great!"

Anonymous on 8/13/2015:
"State inspection turned into something larger. But that was already expected from my end."

Debra M. on 8/9/2015:
"Great service as always!"

John M. on 8/9/2015:
"I've been a regular customer of the Caar Shop for many years and this was my first visit to John's North Road Facility."

Kevin R. on 8/5/2015:
"John is a great guy, very honest I highly recommend him for all your auto needs."

Kisha R. on 8/5/2015:
"Service was affordable and very quick i was in and out within an hour and everyone was very polite and they reassured me of my problem being corrected"

Elizabeth C. on 8/4/2015:
"I came in unscheduled with a small problem. North Road not only fit me in for that problem, but offered to do my 30K maintenance and inspection the same day! I find they go above and beyond again and again, and I appreciate feeling confident and comfortable with my mechanic."

Michael F. on 8/1/2015:
"Always great service and respectful of customers. Family attitude. They always know who you are."

Michelle S. on 8/1/2015:
"❤ Thank You"

Rondell F. on 8/1/2015:
"I had the best experience"

Jonnie K. on 7/31/2015:
"Great service. Convenient and reliable."

David R. on 7/28/2015:
"Usual service I am used to."

Anonymous on 7/28/2015:
"Caring and kind guys who really took care of my car"

Valerie L. on 7/25/2015:
"North Road Auto always comes through. Excellent service, courteous costumer service, excellent prices....and you shop local."

Omeca K. on 7/21/2015:
"These people have saved my car from Mavis auto's incompetence. North Road is a great business, run by a very honest and fair man. Bring your car here for the best service."

Anonymous on 7/18/2015:
"I only bought tires at the old shop and was impressed w quality of service and buisiness. U definetely earned my trust and respect. I won't go anywhere else now."

Anonymous on 7/18/2015:
"Excellent and friendly service."

Elizabeth J. on 7/17/2015:
"You guys are the BEST!!!! Always feel confident and safe when you service my car."

Fred L. on 7/17/2015:
"Very competent, helpful, and honest people to service your car."

Anonymous on 7/15/2015:
"I had an issue with my car and needed it looked at immediately. I chose North Road Auto because of their convenient location. I was treated with the utmost respect- as though I had been a long-time customer. They were very friendly and explained everything to me. I appreciate the fact that they look over your entire car and provide you with a printout every time you bring the car in."

Anonymous on 7/12/2015:
"Thank God I took my car in for "a funny little noise" -- I would never have made it to my vacation home if it wasn't for North Road Auto....thanks!!!"

Alan L. on 7/8/2015:

Anonymous on 6/30/2015:
"I went in for a routine oil change. Very nice guys and didn't take long. Good price as well. Very great experience."

Eugene D. on 6/25/2015:
"Service is always great"

Arlene C. on 6/24/2015:
"Friendy customer service, fast, and above all, honest. I definitely will be going there again."

Sean S. on 6/21/2015:
"Excellent service; accommodating and friendly staff. Exceptional."

Elyse D. on 6/20/2015:
"Nice staff and easy to get an appointment"

Anonymous on 6/19/2015:
"Great service and honest staff."

Jennifer F. on 6/19/2015:
"Always great service. Very honest. Something I appreciate Bc being a female and bringing your car to any shop, mechanics tend to take advantage. But not here. They always take good care of me and my card needs!"

Adam Y. on 6/19/2015:
"Always great service"

Eugene D. on 6/17/2015:
"Mike and the Tech at North Road are always friendly and professional .Did an excellent job on my F150 was completed the time they said and it was not a small job!!!!! Truck runs awesome!THANK YOU GUYS"

Edward M. on 6/17/2015:
"I never have anything negative to say about this place. I've been going there for years, and the guys are always knowledgeable, friendly, and affordable."

Anonymous on 6/16/2015:
"Mike is very accommodating, helpful and professional. I recommend North Road Auto to all my colleagues."

Freddie C. on 6/12/2015:
"In this crazy lifestyle that we lead today lots of things get past us so when you guys reminded me about my expired New York state inspection stickers on both vehicles I can't tell you how grateful I am thank you"

Anonymous on 6/12/2015:
"Excellent experience. I went in yesterday for an oil change and they discovered a big problem that would have stranded me on the NJ Turnpike today. Fixed it on the spot and well worth the cost, which would only have been higher if they hadn't addressed it then......Thanks!"

Ray R. on 6/11/2015:
"Mike is the man! My wife and I took both our cars there on consecutive days and we were extremely satisfied."

Christopher J. on 6/11/2015:
"Ryan and Mike provide excellent service as usual at a reasonable price. This is the only shop I trust my Miata's needs to!"

Maung H. on 6/11/2015:
"Prompt,friendly and professional service. Very honest and trustworthy."

Mike K. on 6/11/2015:
"once again...prompt and courteous service. I am a "regular" now!"

Lisa B. on 6/9/2015:
"As usual, great service!"

Richard A. on 6/4/2015:
"mike aims to please and is prompt, courteous and efficient."

Anonymous on 6/1/2015:
"Always prompt, friendly and courteous. I appreciate that I can trust them--they have integrity. Our family now has four vehicles of different makes and models, and they consistently find the problem and fix it the first time."

Freddie C. on 5/24/2015:
"As always, North Road Auto comes to the rescue. As usual when cars need servicing they never schedule with you. Fortunately North Road does, thank you guys."

Michael J. on 5/23/2015:
"Good job - feels like a race car !"

Mary D. on 5/22/2015:
"Awesome as usual!"

Anonymous on 5/21/2015:
"I was very happy with the service they provide."

Ignacio B. on 5/19/2015:
"Quick and reliable!"

Edward M. on 5/16/2015:
"As always, these guys are professional, efficient, affordable, and honest."

Michael M. on 5/15/2015:
"Always excellent service and best price. Fast reliable and economical."

Anonymous on 5/12/2015:
"The service I go in for is always great. But the customer service is also great - my car service can be scheduled on the best day for my work schedule, I usually can choose to wait or get dropped off at work. The staff at North Road Auto always make me feel like they're looking out for me, not just my car."

Anonymous on 5/8/2015:
"A real pleasure to work with."

Anonymous on 5/4/2015:
"Best service ever. Honest, thorough, and they stand by their work."

Tony S. on 5/4/2015:
"Mike and his colleagues continue to excel at great customer service and most of all, TRUSTWORTHY. Always fair, explain options, very efficient, and just a great job. I always leave feeling very satisfied and that the job is done right. I am now up to 6 vehichles in North Road's Care. Thank You..."

Steve K. on 4/21/2015:
"Prompt courteous and reasonable."

Adam Y. on 4/21/2015:
"Excellent service"

Mike K. on 4/20/2015:
"great job! I'll be back!"

Anonymous on 4/17/2015:
"Service was exactly as expected. Dropped off vehicle, service was complete for the end of my work day and price was fair."

Freddie C. on 4/14/2015:
"If you're unhappy with your current repair service for your automobile you need to visit North Road. Very good at their skills, courteous and accommodating more than I've been accustomed to in the past."

Maung H. on 4/13/2015:
"Outstanding service!"

Barbara C. on 4/13/2015:

Eugene D. on 4/11/2015:
"As always service was GREAT!!!!!!!!"

Alexander M. on 4/10/2015:
"The service and results were outstanding! Mike and the crew completed the scheduled repairs quickly and in a customer friendly fashion. We appreciated their expertise and attention provided with a smile. Way to go! Thank you."

Lagreta W. on 4/10/2015:
"Very pleasant experience. Needed tires and the process was painless. Thanks."

Scott L. on 4/1/2015:
"North Road Auto is the only shop that I trust to work on my vehicles. Mike never tries to upsell me or tell me that my car needs unnecessary work. It's the honesty and great service that keep me coming back."

Robert R. on 4/1/2015:
"Consistent over time. I work near by and have been dropping cars off here for more than 15 years. They do good work, it is reasonably priced, they know what they are doing.My car is always done when they say it will be. Good place."

Ron T. on 3/28/2015:
"Mike always gets me in when I have a problem, always gives me an honest assessment and does quality work at a fair price. Always very satisfied."

Fred G. on 3/24/2015:
"WOW , These guys are GREAT. Mike and the crew (again) did a fantastic job on my Jeep. They got me right in and fixed my power steering. Between Mike in the office, and Ryan and the Crew in the shop I don't think there is anything they can't do . Keep up the good work ! Thanks again."

Tim S. on 3/21/2015:
"Excellent, my problem was fixed in record time."

Bill W. on 3/19/2015:
"Very efficient. Fast servive."

Anonymous on 3/19/2015:
"Always very helpful and friendly. Quick and efficient service."

Anonymous on 3/18/2015:
"Great service."

Scott L. on 3/18/2015:
"Always great service."

Thomas F. on 3/14/2015:
"We needed real expert help. Mike and the Mechanics were there again: prompt, direct, right on target. And we still have money in our pockets. These guys are going to be legendary one day. A gift to our community. T. Fiet"

Joesph A. on 2/26/2015:
"Quality service, knowledgeable and friendly staff."

Maung H. on 2/21/2015:
"Friendly, professional, honest and outstanding service. Service manager,Mike should be complemented for making this happen."

Freddie C. on 2/17/2015:
"If you haven't already tried these guys as of yet you're totally missing out for the best prices and great service you have to visit North Road. They're prompt, do great work and their prices are very fair."

Jennifer F. on 2/7/2015:
"Quick and amazing! Wouldn't take my car any other place. Coming back Tuesday to get more work done on old reliable"

Anonymous on 2/7/2015:
"Very honest about the care of my car and they don't push you into expensive repairs that are not really needed."

Eugene G. on 2/3/2015:
"they do great work.they are honest and very customer oriented."

Joan M. on 1/31/2015:
"Able to accommodate me readily and quickly resolved my problem for a reasonable price."

Anonymous on 1/31/2015:
"Mike was nice and was straight with what my car needed. Very nice experience."

Freddie C. on 1/30/2015:
"Amazing, these guys are amazing. They care, they're very fair with pricing and I have not in the three and a half years of taking both my vehicles there, ever had to return with any issues regarding their work. Very talented!!"

Anonymous on 1/30/2015:
"Professional service, courteous and reasonable price."

Ray R. on 1/28/2015:
"Great service! Mike was professional, honest and very fair with price."

Colleen C. on 1/24/2015:
"I was very pleased with the service and competence of the staff. They were very attentive to my needs as a customer."

Fred G. on 1/24/2015:
"The service at NRA was perfect as usual . My jeep was taken right in and the work was done quickly and professionally . I always recommend North Road Auto to anyone who is looking for an honest shop to have automobile work done .Thanks guys, Keep up the great work."

Jennifer F. on 1/23/2015:
"Quick oil change. Friendly staff. My go-to auto shop!"

Maryann F. on 1/13/2015:
"Quality work and fair prices. Highly recommend North Road Auto."

Dan K. on 12/31/2014:
"Excellent friendly and fast service."

Reginald C. on 12/31/2014:
"They were good, helpful, and clean."

Michael M. on 12/30/2014:
"Great "car-side" manner. Good prices. Not a rip off."

Maung H. on 12/27/2014:
"Excellent service with competent and honest staff. Repairs were done in a timely mannerr at a reasonble cost."

Carol K. on 12/27/2014:
"Mike was very nice explain everything to me"

Louis P. on 12/25/2014:
"great service...always a pleasure...your nuts if you don't use these guys"

Susan And Chris D. on 12/19/2014:
"Professional, personable, service. Completed the service within promised time. Explained why in choice of tires the less expensive ones were better. Such integrity!"

Freddie C. on 12/18/2014:
"I've been living in the Poughkeepsie area now for 17 years, and I have never found a group like those guys at North Road. They are excellent in their workmanship, prices and availability. They are cheerful, funny but most of all are very good at what they do, car mechanics. I recommend them highly and see for yourself how competitive they are with their pricing. Thank you to Mike and the guys at North Road!"

Barbara S. on 12/17/2014:
"I have taken my cars to North road auto for over 5 year they give excellent services.they are honest with there customer letting you know what is needed with future repairs.I move away this year and I don't know if I'm going to find a company that can live up to there care and honesty so guys if you know of any good auto shops let me know living in Raleigh. Barbara Storts"

Trevor D. on 12/11/2014:
"Great place cool people"

Ryan R. on 12/9/2014:
"Fast service and good price!"

Anonymous on 12/5/2014:
"Great service, nice people, we're lucky to have them in Poughkeepsie."

Freddie C. on 12/5/2014:
"I'd recommend them to anyone who wants to save money time and avoid from being ripped off."

Mary D. on 12/3/2014:
"Great customer service, always!"

Kim S. on 12/2/2014:
"Awesome Service!"

Jennifer F. on 11/22/2014:
"Quick and effeicient!"

Louis P. on 11/22/2014:
"they can't do any better.....perfect service...."

Michael J. on 11/21/2014:
"Excellent service as usual. My car needed xtra work and they were the guys were able to complete the job by the end of the day. I also appreciated a ride home and back so that I didn't have to wait while my car was getting repaired."

Lisa B. on 11/21/2014:
"Here I am again! It seems like I've posted quite a bit on this review site, but every time I think it's worth posting to let everyone know how great everyone is at North Road Auto. Once again, I will say... They are the best!"

Maung H. on 11/20/2014:
"Very responsive,relable and customer friendly auro shop."

Jody B. on 11/18/2014:
"I called last minute and as always, they got me right in. Always friendly and very honest, which is very much appreciated! Thank you, Mike and all the guys at North Rd Auto."

Anonymous on 11/18/2014:
"Great experience, very nice, good price, fast service"

Chasity P. on 11/17/2014:
"Excellent staff and they have always done a great job fixing what needed to be fixed with adding no extra's. Glad to have an auto shop NOT take advantage of me because I was a woman and might not have known what was wrong with my car. Kuddos to these guys..."

Ray R. on 11/13/2014:
"As usual, Mike was courteous, professional and the service was prompt with a fair price."

Anonymous on 11/9/2014:
"Excellent Service and Excellent Price. Nice people too"

Freddie C. on 11/3/2014:
"These guys are the best and I'm so glad I found them!!!!!!!!!!"

Alison B. on 10/31/2014:
"Excellent service. Didn't try to make me buy a bunch of other new parts outside of what I asked for and actually needed."

Thomas F. on 10/29/2014:
"Mike and his mechanics make it look easy. On time. On budget. I found a great place to maintain my vehicles."

Fred G. on 10/27/2014:
"Perfect job as always. Thank you to all the guys at North Road Auto."

John S. on 10/24/2014:
"fast efficient service"

Anonymous on 10/22/2014:
"Very pleasant experience, the work was completed on time and within budget."

Anonymous on 10/22/2014:
"quick and easy."

Lisa B. on 10/20/2014:
"Once again, North Road Auto pulled through for us in a bind! Thank you Mike and staff for accomodating us on such short notice. You always strive to help us and have been wonderful. You have life long customers in us thats for sure. Thank you again!"

Edward M. on 10/14/2014:
"Always top-notch service."

Anonymous on 10/9/2014:
"Mike and team are organized, friendly, expeditious and reliable. The email reminders for service are also helpful. So glad to have a "car doctor" I can rely upon!"

Eugene D. on 10/9/2014:
"Always a pleasure to do business with prompt and excellent service."

Anonymous on 10/7/2014:
"always a great experience -- professional, reasonable, and friendly"

Barbara C. on 9/27/2014:
"Mike and his team are my "heros" providing the little extras that are overlooked by"

Victoria W. on 9/26/2014:
"Professional and fast service."

Jeff H. on 9/26/2014:
"Best customer service ever! I am always happy to bring my vehicle to this shop. Many thanks Mike."

Jennifer F. on 9/26/2014:
"Awesome. Honest. Efficient!!"

Vincent R. on 9/20/2014:
"Excellent and quick service"

Fred G. from Highland, NY, whose Jeep was in for a smog check, on 9/18/2014:
"As usual these guys are great. North Road Auto has done all the work needed on both of my cars for a couple years . The pricing is fair and the work is always done right. I won't go anywhere else."

Elizabeth J. on 9/11/2014:
"Excellent customer and car service. Lucky for me I was right down the road when my breaks starting failing...whew. Although it was closing time when I came in, I was taken care of and not rushed out. Picked up my car the next day and it's a delight to drive it. They have enrolled a loyal customer!!"

Jonnie K. on 9/11/2014:
"Good experiene. Work was performed as stated and on time."

Anonymous on 9/10/2014:
"North Rd Auto is conveniently located within walking distance from Marist College. John was kind, courteous, and honest. He provided quick service and offered recommendations for future service on my car. I would definitely recommend North Rd. Auto to a friend or colleague!"

Sheryl/ Sherri E. on 9/9/2014:
"They are very friendly n helpful"

Christopher J. on 9/3/2014:
"Michael and Ryan are always courteous, knowledgeable, and professional whenever my family and I bring our vehicles in for service. Quality work done every time! They are above and beyond any shop we've brought our vehicles prior. Big thank you to Ryan for getting my car in for inspection even though it was last minute, and to Michael helping me find a part for my car earlier that day. The small courtesies stand out with these gentlemen. It's all about the customer with these guys. Keep it up!"

Donald J. on 9/3/2014:
"We were very pleased with the work done and the cost."

Anonymous on 8/20/2014:
"quick, great service. personable and friendly"

Thomas F. on 8/19/2014:
"Terrific as usual. Mike and his mechanics are on the ball, even on Monday morning."

Freddie C. on 8/17/2014:
"I brag to my friends in the city, that often enough are not happy with the service they get. It bothers them even more when I tell them the reasonable pricing I pay at North Road."

Lisa B. on 8/15/2014:
"As usual, service was great! (Even after switching my appointment last minute)"

Corey W. on 8/8/2014:
"Awesome service- would recommend to anyone"

Freddie C. on 8/7/2014:
"These guys are incredible, great service, convenience on scheduling your repairs and prices you're not used to seeing automotive repair shops. Hands down Michael and his guys are the best I've ever dealt with, check them out yourself and you'll know what I mean!!!"

Michael J. on 8/5/2014:
"Excellent - great service and expertise all around ! MJ"

Ray R. on 8/5/2014:
"Very satisfied! Mike cane thru like a champ as usual."

Laura R. on 8/3/2014:
"As always, my experience at North Road Auto is a positive one. I bring both of my cars there and from the time I walk in the door I feel very comfortable. I'm always greeted with a smile and I ALWAYS get a call BEFORE any work is done and how much it will cost. Mike let's me know what has to be done and is (in my opinion) up front and honest. I have never had a bad experience there and have always left feeling that I have been treated fairly and having to pay the price I was quoted. Plus I leave knowing my car is safe to drive. If you need to have your car fixed or even if you just want a quote. North Road Auto is the place to go."

Pam H. on 8/1/2014:
"service as always was above and beyond - I dropped off my car for an inspection and new wipers - when I got to work I forgot to pick up at the PO Box on my way in - I called Mike and he had the car done before lunch and had arranged to have me picked up - when I went to settle the bill I was told the tires had been rotated as well at no charge :) thanks North Road Auto for the excellent service"

Michael F. on 7/31/2014:
"Always professional good service. Mike is great... very accommodating."

Anonymous on 7/31/2014:
"Awesome as always."

Barbara C. on 7/20/2014:
"Definitely excellent service!"

Maurice H. on 7/18/2014:
"True to their word."

Andrea K. on 7/16/2014:

Ray R. on 7/16/2014:
"Great service as usual. Mike is very trustworthy and professional. I have, and plan to continue to recommend North Rd to everyone I know."

Michael J. on 7/15/2014:
"The service at North Road Auto was excellent as usual and I appreciate the personalized service that I receive. Mike and his team do a great job and communicate well with the customer !"

Edward M. on 7/4/2014:
"As always, this place is terrific. Mike and the other staff are always friendly, accommodating, and, above all, HONEST."

Thomas F. on 7/3/2014:
"Great "can-do" service by Mike and the Mechanics."

Dan K. on 7/3/2014:
"Excellent service."

Michael M. on 7/3/2014:
"Excellent service. Very knowledgeable and informative. Very reasonable pricing. Will definitely be my automotive service company from now on!"

Kathryn H. on 7/2/2014:
"Very pleasant experience, as always. Incredibly fairly priced and trustworthy work."

Pam H. on 7/1/2014:
"the best rescue ever - thanks to my knights in shining armor :)"

Nigel G. on 6/26/2014:
"Mike took his time to find me the part that I needed, and then had my car back to me the next day under the price that he quoted!"

Louis P. on 6/26/2014:
"top notch service all the time...."

Anonymous on 6/18/2014:
"Straight-forward and honest. I've never left with the problem I've come in with, and they have always gone above and beyond to help me."

Laurie C. from Poughkeepsie, NY, whose Subaru was in for a smog check, on 5/30/2014:
"I would recommend it"

Michael J. from Poughkeepsie, NY, whose Chevrolet was in for an auto repair, on 5/14/2014:
"I would tell them the guys do great work and can be fully trusted for customer satisfaction !"

Anonymous on 5/8/2014:
"North Road Auto was able to schedule a time for my car's oil change promptly and within the confines of my busy schedule. The work was done promptly, professionally, and exceptionally. I would recommend them no questions asked."

Freddie C. from Poughkeepsie, NY, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair, on 5/7/2014:
"The best available service for anyone's car with the most affordable pricing."

Pam H. on 5/6/2014:
"top notch - professional - honest - priced right"

Railroad M. on 5/2/2014:
"They did a good job! and quick too....no surprises, which is nice. I will go there again."

Alex M. from Newburgh, NV, whose BMW was in for a smog check, on 4/25/2014:
"They are great! You get to chat with Mike and meet the mechanic who will repair your vehicle promptly. It's refreshing to know that at North Road you can STILL get a dependable auto care and an outstanding Customer Service."

John F. on 4/16/2014:
"FAST, PROFESSIONAL and FAIR PRICED!!! Hands down the most reputable automotive shop in the hudson valley!!"

Fred G. on 4/15/2014:
"As usual the quality and service at NRA was perfect. I made an appointment with Mike and they brought my car in right when he said they would. I had four different procedures done that day . The car was completed when he said it would be ready . All work was done flawlessly .( Even my wife was happy.) Thank you to all the guys at North Road Auto for doing quality work at a fair price !!"

Anonymous on 4/12/2014:
"Every experience I've had bringing my car hear has been great. They're quick, convenient, meticulous, and honest."

Chasity P. on 4/9/2014:
"Very friendly men and knowledgeable...I will def be bringing my car here for all my services...my car runs like its brand new and I can't thank them enough!..Well done!.."

Judith M. on 4/6/2014:
"Mike and his staff always do a great job ay a fair price."

Leigh G. on 4/5/2014:
"You were efficient, clear and helpful. I was able to get my car serviced and inspected during a single work day. Thank you!"

Lisa B. on 4/3/2014:
"Excellent as usual"

Debbie M. on 4/3/2014:
"Great service , as usual"

Maureen S. on 3/27/2014:
"Ryan Joyce is awesome!!!"

Scott L. on 3/23/2014:
"Always excellent service and fair prices. Can't beat it."

Anonymous on 3/21/2014:
"One of the best experiences I've had at an auto shop. The shop was very transparent with me about what needed to be done with my car, and gave special attention to my concerns and questions. I really appreciated that the shop didn't try to take advantage of me as a woman. The car is running much better than before and it didn't break my bank account. The car was also dealt with in a timely manner. I plan on bringing my car to this shop from now on."

Freddie C. on 3/21/2014:
"Not the case when spending money that one feels completely secure that, that was money well spent. So is the case when ever I pay for service at North Road, I'm really pleased with these guys."

Darren S. on 3/17/2014:
"Awesome service"

Pam H. on 3/17/2014:
"North Road and company are the best - top notch service with consideration of customers expense - thanks again and again :^)"

Freddie C. on 3/12/2014:
"I've become accustom to calling and bringing my vehicles in without having to wait. That's important because when your vehicle needs service, it's never a convenient time. I am grateful to this company and the guys that make it possible. Thank you Michael and the guys..."

Anonymous on 3/12/2014:
"Excellent service! I appreciated how willing they were to work with me and I have never dealt with such a courteous repair shop. I highly recommend."

Eugene D. on 3/9/2014:
"Service is always excellent.Mike and other Techs are friendly and professional!"

Maryann F. on 3/6/2014:
"Great shop!"

Scott L. on 2/28/2014:
"Always excellent service. Fair and honest. I prefer to do my own vehicle maintenance, but when I have to take take on of my vehicles to. Shop, this is the only place I will go."

Edward M. on 2/28/2014:
"As always, this garage is fantastic! Mike, the service manager, is always accommodating, friendly, and knowledgable."

Maung H. on 2/21/2014:
"I use North Road auto for maintenance and repair service for my cars.Mike Raccioppo,the service manager, always answers the phone. It is easy to make appointments . He is friendly and gives dependable and outstanding service at a reasonable price. He does only what is necessary and is very honest."

Kathy T. on 2/8/2014:
"North Rd Auto provides quality car care at an affordable price. The staff is courteous and work is completed efficiently. I appreciate businesses like North Rd Auto that are respectful of my time and resources."

Pam H. on 2/6/2014:
"the best - as always - friendly, timely and efficient :) thanks guys"

Michael J. on 2/5/2014:
"As usual North Rd Auto provided excellent service in a reasonable amount time with a friendly smile on their faces."

Andrew C. on 2/4/2014:
"Fast, friendly, very reasonable prices, excellent work"

Vic M. on 2/4/2014:
"Prompt service, minimal wait every time, staff very responsive, creative solutions that saved me money,"

Anonymous on 2/4/2014:
"Service received was excellent has always."

Michael F. on 1/26/2014:
"Very honest and transparent... and helpful."

Corey W. on 1/25/2014:
"Outstanding service, very inexpensive, very accommodating."

Tony S. on 1/22/2014:
"I just recently located to the area with a new job and care of 5 older vehicles. Several people at work instantly recommended Mike at North Road Auto and I can certainly see why, From the first day I drove into town and had a check engine light come on, without even knowing me, he did a free diagnosis, gave me a set of options, I chose to have it reset and see if it happened again. He could have easily said, oh, it's major this or that. No, he was honest, didn't charge and told me to just monitor the situation and see how it goes. FYI, it went for 3 months, then reoccured and same thing, he associated it with a vacuum leak in the heater controls, gave me the options, how he would approach and trouble suit and was extremely fair on cost and labor."

Louis P. on 1/22/2014:
"perfect as always"

Michael F. on 1/18/2014:
"People are always pleasant, professional, and courteous. Mike provided information to me about the car that was not even what I went in for."

Fred G. on 1/18/2014:
"I have now taken my vehicles to North Road Auto several times for different repairs and maintenance . Each time the guys there are very professional. They explain all the options about the repairs that are needed. They have never tried to sell me a service that was not needed I've brought my vehicles there for , exhaust , oil changes , brakes , steering components , NYS inspection , tires , and an electrical issue that prevented the vehicle from starting. Each time the work was done quickly and right the first time. It's great to find a local shop that is honest , reasonably priced, and convenient . Two thumbs up !"

Louis P. on 1/7/2014:
"as my cat would say...everything was puuuurrrrfect"

Kari M. on 1/7/2014:
"My husband had just gotten released from the hospital when I noticed a belt hanging down at the front of our car. Since North Road Auto was so convenient to both the hospital and my home, I decided to stop and see if they could help. It was pouring rain and my hubby could offer no help in his condition. I had to get him home to rest per doctor's orders. I explained my situation to John at North Road Auto and not only did he take the car right in, but had Alex drive us both home. Within twenty minutes I was contacted with an estimate and assured the repair would be completed in a few hours. Alex was even sent back to my home to pick me up so I could pick up the car and pay for the service. I sincerely thank the staff of North Road Auto for helping me in an emergency and fixing our car so quickly!"

Lisa B. on 12/30/2013:

Anonymous on 12/27/2013:
"Mike and his crew did a wonderful job. The vehicle is now running smoothly, and I"

Judith M. on 12/26/2013:
"Mike and his staff are always so friendly,professional and accomodating. My visits there are always great. Sincerely, Judith Martinez"

Lisa B. on 12/24/2013:
"Excellent as usual!"

Dan K. on 12/22/2013:
"Excellent service"

Michael J. on 12/20/2013:
"Excellent job by Mike and staff - I was very pleased."

Christina V. on 12/19/2013:
"Good with friendly service"

Anonymous on 12/16/2013:
"Mike, Alex and crew did an excellent job repairing my daughter's car on very short notice before a long drive back to MD. Many thanks for your time and consideration!"

Dan K. on 12/14/2013:
"Excellent, friendly and fast service."

Cathy M. on 12/12/2013:
"Mike n the guys there do a. Excellent job n I will tell all of my family n friends to go there"

Cathy M. on 12/5/2013:

Ann Marie S. on 11/30/2013:
"I have been going to North Road Auto for years for good reason. Their customer service is great, they never try to push repairs that are not needed on you, and they always work with you to get you the cheapest option. In my case, I have a "beater" car that I'm limping along until I can get a newer car. Mike always will work with me to make sure I have a safe car, but one that is not loaded with expensive unnecessary repairs, something that a lot of places tend to do when they see a female walk through the door. I love the fact that they will provide you with a ride if needed. I have recommended them to many of my friends, who are also happy with them."

Thomas F. on 11/28/2013:
"North Road Auto is my go-to place for my car. Mike and his crew are straightforward, timely, and expert. I had good experience at my dealership, but they were WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. North Road Auto is fair and I feel good when I drive away. I highly recommend them."

Anonymous on 11/28/2013:
"Always very good and thorough. I didn't make it excellent this time because they said they would but didn't call me to say my vehicle was ready for pick up."

Freddie C. on 11/27/2013:
"Where else do you know where you call for some sort of service and within the hour your being taken care of, unprecedented..."

Joseph W. on 11/27/2013:
"Very Good prompt service"

Kathryn H. on 11/22/2013:
"My service was done accurately--I wasn't scammed (which I was nervous about being both female and a college student). I had an accurate report of everything that was done, and the price was incredibly fair. My only complaint is that I never received a phone call when my repair was completed."

Mary T. on 11/13/2013:
"I had a great experience with North Road Auto. Not to many places will take you to work and pick you up when your car is ready but North Road Auto offers that perk to their customers. Thanks Alex for a very safe ride and friendly conversation. The guys back at the shop called to let me know what was wrong with my car and actually asked if they could go ahead with the work. How refreshing to not just get slammed with the bill. Great Service, fair pricing and most of all my car runs tip top. Thanks Guys I will be back and I have told a number of friends to check you out."

Freddie C. on 11/13/2013:
"I'm finding that both my aging cars are in need of service recently and with that I'm finding that in the past I'd start experience the knots in the stomach feeling. I must admit that has not been the case since I started using North Road Auto Repair. I would prepare myself with the cost of the repair, then I'd wonder how much of the charge am I getting cheated. Not so with these guys, honest, straight up communication and prices that I find to be fair. I'm very grateful for their service and their convenient location. Thanks again guys!!!!"

Adam Y. on 11/12/2013:
"Service is excellent"

Eugene G. on 11/10/2013:
"Great service and didn't try to sell extra stuff."

Jim P. on 11/9/2013:
"Thanks so much for seeing us right away. You guys are awesome!"

Ginny H. on 11/9/2013:
"Very satisfied with their service. Mechanics are very competent. All repairs completed as promised and on time. Clean, comfortable waiting area. Everyone at this shop is very friendly."

Ray R. on 11/5/2013:
"Outstanding! Extremely satisfied with the courtesy and professionalism. I Plan to return with another vehicle."

Freddie C. on 11/4/2013:
"Michael and the guys are amazing, what a wonderful group of professionals. They were able to trouble shoot the issue with my car resolve the problem and have my car back to me in less than 2 hours."

Gregory S. on 10/29/2013:
"in and out in 5 minutes plus they ride bikes!"

Anonymous on 10/22/2013:
"As a Marist student, I'm limited on where I can take my car for service with easy campus access. North Road was referred to me by classmates and did not disappoint! Service was extremely timely, staff patient and understanding, prices fair. Thanks again!"

Anonymous on 10/21/2013:
"Awesome! Needed an oil change on the spot and they were so attentive. Service was great!"

Kathryn C. on 10/20/2013:
"North Road Auto is honest and will offer you the best quality and best pricing. I was having clutch problems and wasnot sure if I could get my car there. I thought I might have to get it to the closest mechanic even though I preferred North Road. I was very impressed that they said if I did take it somewhere else I could call them to make sure I was getting a fair estimate. They said they would continue to help in any way possible. In the end I was able to get there so I was very relieved!"

Anonymous on 10/17/2013:
"I'm satisfied with your service and the cost. Thank u again and keep up your good service"

Fred G. on 10/13/2013:
"These guys get it done right the first time! I made an appointment online (on Sunday) and got a confirmation within minutes after they opened. When I showed up for my appointment they had the control arm I needed in hand and took me right in . Their tech had the part replaced before I could finish my coffee. The truck rides great (no more clunks) . Thanks Guys !"

Freddie C. on 10/11/2013:
"as usual great, I'm very happy with the work they do and the prices are very reasonable."

Richard A. on 10/4/2013:
"always helpful, courteous and efficient..."

Fred G. on 10/2/2013:
"Great job finding and repairing a faulty sensor. I also had the tires replaced. they explained things about the tire choices that Mavis never mentioned the last several times I had tires replaced. Good people and fair prices makes for a shop that I can trust ."

Laura R. on 10/1/2013:
"They are always so great. Mike will call and tell you what to expect so there are no surprises. The only car repair place that doesn't rip you off. They are great!!!!"

Michael J. on 9/27/2013:
"Once again the guys at North Road Auto took care of me efficiently and I was very pleased with the quick service and affordable rate. Mike , the manager, was able to squeeze me in on a busy day to replace the windows switch control which he ordered the day before on 24 hr delivery. It feels good that I have a mechanic that I can trust, and is dedicated to resolving issues in a timely manner."

Freddie C. on 9/27/2013:

Louis P. on 9/24/2013:
"as always, never a problem....and I saved money...you would be crazy to go anywhere else"

Don S. on 9/19/2013:
"Very Professional. Excellent service.."

Barbara C. on 9/16/2013:
"I know my Mercedes is treated as if it were their own. Dealing with Mike and his staff is always"

Anonymous on 9/10/2013:
"Mike is always flexible and accommodating; the service is always perfect and done on time."

Louis P. on 9/10/2013:
"fantastic as always...."

Alyssa G. on 8/30/2013:
"Excellent service!"

Edward M. on 8/30/2013:
"These guys are so honest they completed a job supposed to take an hour and a half in fifteen minutes and billed me only for that time."

Anonymous on 8/27/2013:
"Good, quick, cheerful. Will definitely use again."

Michael J. on 8/25/2013:
"Great job !"

Susan G. on 8/23/2013:
"I had a stubborn stalling problem that another mechanic couldn't fix, although I paid for repairs that didn't work. I brought it to North Road Auto, where they tackled the problem systematically, and with great persistence. Mike wasn't willing to give up until he identified and fixed the cause of the problem. After many hours spent in diagnosis, it was finally found and fixed. To my pleasant surprise, I was very fairly only charged for the repair and not for all the time it took to find the problem. This is clearly a business that is interested in high quality work and in retaining its customers!"

Judith M. on 8/22/2013:
"Mike and his staff are fabulous. He has always treated me fairly and stayed within my budget."

Erica H. on 8/22/2013:
"Always a great experience going to north road auto. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Service is done quickly and the prices are reasonable."

Pam H. on 8/22/2013:
"top notch service - no price surprises - unexpected fluid and tire pressure checks - there is no other better than North Road Auto - thanks Mike and guys :)"

Anonymous on 8/20/2013:
"Honest and quick. Great shop."

Robert S. on 8/15/2013:
"Just can't say enough about hoe courteous and professional everyone was today. We were visiting and traveling in Poughkeepsie area on our way to Boston when we ended up with a flat tire on our Acura. Mike welcomed us and provided the best service anyone could have expected. He got us a specialty Michelin tire for car and off we went. Never missed a beat. I would recommend this shop to anyone. Thanks Mike and staff."

Nicole M. on 8/14/2013:
"Thank you North Road Auto for another job well done! You guys are the best!"

Judith M. on 8/9/2013:
"Mike and his staff have been and always are wonderful!! They treat me fairly and always have my budget in mind."

Tim S. on 8/2/2013:

Lisa B. on 7/29/2013:
"Once again, they've rescued us in a timely manner! They've found a new customer for a long long time in us! !"

Nicole M. on 7/28/2013:
"I wouldn't trust my cars with anyone else! Reliable and dependable!"

Pam H. on 7/25/2013:
"awesome as always - thanks :)"

Barbara C. on 7/24/2013:
"Thanks to Mike, I am driving legally again. . ."

Elizabeth J. on 7/24/2013:
"You guys ROCK!! My Audi A4 is very happy now. Thank you for being meticulous in your approach to a difficult situation. I love this car."

Destini P. on 7/23/2013:
"The service at North Rd. Auto is great! They are fast, efficient, and care about their customers. They are always available and are truthful about long-term/short-term auto issues making available every option to resolving any and every problem. You guys are wonderful!"

Christine C. on 7/17/2013:
"I was very happy with all aspects of the service I received. Friendly, fast and fair."

Toni P. on 6/30/2013:
"Found employees to be i& helpful providing good service in a reasonable time frame."

Joan And Richard G. on 6/20/2013:
"Excellent, friendly, curtious"

Edward M. on 6/13/2013:
"As always, efficient and affordable."

Michael J. on 6/9/2013:
"The service was conducted in a timely manner"

Louis P. on 6/8/2013:
"Best ever...in and out real fast...quality work...thanks"

Anonymous on 6/8/2013:
"North Road Auto took great care of my BMW. They are professional, on time, on budget. Mike the manager could not be more helpful: does what he says, when he says; says what he does. And he is a curious, can-do learner. Terrific experience. Fair Price."

Maung H. on 6/7/2013:
"Courteous,prompt and honest service."

Anonymous on 6/7/2013:
"Excellent Service. Spend some money for repairs when we first brought in our cars, but they have been great since, and we are not dropping money every time we come in for regular service. Both vehicles have high mileage, and both are running great."

Edward M. on 6/6/2013:
"These guys are great! They always have a covenient appointment available and are extremely honest. There have been several times they had opportunities to make a extra couple of bucks off me and didn't, remaining professional. Go to them!"

Pam H. on 6/5/2013:
"as always top notch service :) thanks"

Margaret G. on 6/3/2013:
"Great service, friendly and helpful attitude. Mike is great!"

John S. on 6/3/2013:
"happy with service"

Fred G. on 6/3/2013:
"Great guys to work with. Ryan is the man. Thanks to all."

Anonymous on 6/2/2013:

Eugene D. on 6/2/2013:
"Always good service"

Joseph D. on 6/2/2013:
"A happy customer"

Freddie C. on 5/31/2013:
"I don't know if everyone else gets this terrific service from Mike and the crew, but as far I'm concern I will NOT be thinking of going anywhere else for my automotive needs."

Eugene D. on 5/24/2013:
"very pleased with service thank you for everything"

Scott L. on 5/17/2013:
"Always excellent service. Mike will make sure that the job is done to the customer's satisfaction. Thanks."

Michael J. on 5/16/2013:
"Northroad Goodyear provided excellent service for my problem with a water leak in the roof of my vehicle. The manager Mike was very good as well as honest in explaining the service and getting the problem resolved in a short time."

Daniel G. on 5/16/2013:
"People there honest and helpful."

Geoffrey M. on 5/12/2013:
"very good service,fast,fair price,all around excellence."

Lisa B. on 5/9/2013:
"Excellent service."

Anonymous on 5/9/2013:
"Very please with the service received."

Freddie C. on 5/8/2013:
"Always takes my vehicle when ever I request service, and very professional."

Kathryn C. on 5/7/2013:
"I was very pleased with the polite, friendly, knowledgable and fast service I received at North Auto. Michael and the technician provided me with with great detail on diagnostics, what service would be required and costs. They picked up on some things another place had missed. Best of all the car runs great now! Thanks guys!"

Lisa B. on 5/2/2013:
"North Road Auto is a great place. Mike is honest and up front. He has proven that he has our best interests and safety in mind. I appreciate the flexibility North Road offers and they have made a new customer out of me for sure."

Peter F. on 5/1/2013:
"Always the best service !!!"

Maureen S. on 4/27/2013:
"Ryan Joyce is an awesome mechanic!! Very professional, yet very friendly and jovial at the same time. I would definitely refer him to friends and have already referred family members."

Joseph D. on 4/26/2013:
"I got my Rav4 oil changed while I was waiting."

Louis P. on 4/24/2013:
"Like always...great service time after time..."

Anonymous on 4/23/2013:
"I have taken my car for service to North Road Auto (routine oil change/maintenance) three times in the past 12 months. All of the service has been easily scheduled and promptly completed. Mike is professional and, in my opinion, honest in estimation of what (if any) additional service might be needed either at the time of the appointment or in future visits. For me, this quality is most important in choosing and staying loyal to a service provider."

Maung H. on 4/23/2013:
"Friendly.professional, honest and and outstanding service at very reasonable rates."

Emily L. on 4/17/2013:
"Quick and easy, no problems."

Douglas S. on 4/13/2013:
"Service was Great! My car was done at decent time. Love that they call to tell you the issue before solving the problem!"

Freddie C. on 4/12/2013:
"Quick and courteous service is what I've come to expect at North Road Auto. Thanks very much guys, I never have to wait and the work is barr none the best."

Shannon H. on 4/9/2013:
"Thank you so much for not only helping me but explaining what to look for in case of another break down!"

Ray R. on 4/6/2013:
"I was referred by a friend and right away upon entering the shop and meeting Michael, I felt that my car was not only in good hands, but that I would get a fair deal. Needless to say, my "Spider Senses" were right again."

Freddie C. on 4/5/2013:
"As always Mike and company do a terrific job. My vehicle is running like brand new. In fact this survey, reminded me to call him myself today and thank him myself."

Nicole M. on 4/1/2013:
"In, out and done! Great service...great staff!"

Edward M. on 3/29/2013:
"This place has always provided consistent, affordable, honest service."

Pam H. on 3/27/2013:
"awesome and efficient as always - thanks :)"

Kristie D. on 3/27/2013:
"I came in thinking there was able akin valve cover and asked hen to fix it after I described the problem. The mechanics were very helpful and kind they looked in to the problem and took the time to drive it to try to duplicate it. Nothing they analysis to the best they could. Car isn't running the best but there very good and helpfull and are determined to try to get my car working. Great mechanics"

Scott L. on 3/26/2013:
"Excellent service as always. Fair prices and honest recommendations."

Gerard V. on 3/25/2013:
"Absolutely thorough, quick, courteous and reasonable service. Thank you once again!"

Barbara S. on 3/23/2013:

Anonymous on 3/19/2013:
"good service caught potential problem before it became a problem"

Fred L. on 3/19/2013:
"Great service."

Margaret G. on 3/16/2013:
"Always great service and excellent work -- thanks, Mike!"

Don S. on 3/15/2013:
"Excellent. Very Professional."

Edward M. on 3/10/2013:
"These guys are the best! They're honest, affordable, and accommodating."

Anonymous on 3/9/2013:
"This was the best service at an auto shop that I have ever received. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone."

Jackie S. on 3/7/2013:
"These guys are great! I have brought my car here for years and they are friendly, very honest and do a great job. I have never felt like I've ever been taken advantage of and my car is running perfect!"

Fred L. on 3/6/2013:
"Great service"

Anonymous on 3/6/2013:
"Excellent customer service and careful workmanship keep me coming back."

Andrea O. on 3/5/2013:
"Always wonderful service ! Thank you."

Judith M. on 3/2/2013:
"Mike and his staff are truly the best. They care about the customer and about meeting their needs. The service is top notch."

Margaret G. on 3/2/2013:
"Mike, thanks for taking such good care of my car yesterday. I know it was a busy day for you, but you guys are great!"

Elmore A. on 3/1/2013:
"Excellent service as always. Quickly responded to a dead battery and got me to work faster than my secretaries thought possible."

Bonita O. on 2/28/2013:

Katina C. on 2/21/2013:

David R. on 2/21/2013:
"Very polite and informative staff. Fast and efficient service!"

Anonymous on 2/21/2013:
"Mike and Team as always provided wonderful service"

Edward M. on 2/20/2013:
"I have been going there for years and have never been dissatisfied. The staff is knowledgable and honest."

Scott L. on 2/10/2013:
"Friendly, honest service. Vehicle ready when promised. Mike takes the time to listen to the customer."

Freddie C. on 2/7/2013:
"Michael and staff are always accomodating and I don't wait for very long"

Judith M. on 2/6/2013:
"Everything was handled with excellence.The price I was quoted was the price I paid. Thank you Mike and staff."

Kathy T. on 2/1/2013:
"North Road Auto has consistently provided professional, courteous service while charging a rate that is fair to both its employees and customers. I have used North Road Auto three times in the past year (routine oil change/maintenance) and trust their workmanship as well as their advice."

Fred L. on 1/31/2013:
"Did a great job."

Tyler K. on 1/29/2013:
"Great service, easy to setup an appointment and totally reasonable price. Will definitely be using North Road again."

Anonymous on 1/29/2013:
"great service as always, took me right in to replace a headlight and do an oil change :)"

Freddie C. on 1/27/2013:
"You guys are great"

Tonie W. on 1/26/2013:
"Excellent service! This is the only place I go to for my car repairs. Mike and the staff are great and they know their stuff. Thanks guys!"

Janet C. on 1/24/2013:
"You were wonderful and helpful as always! Thanks!"

Anonymous on 1/23/2013:
"I arrived without an appointment and everyone was very accommodating. I appreciate that you checked out other issues, not just what I came there for, and that you did not give me a hard sell to have you fix them -- which makes it all the more likely that I'll be back for you to do exactly that -- thanks!!!!!"

Anonymous on 1/22/2013:
"Phenomenal customer service and very reasonably priced, same day repairs! As long as I'm in Poughkeepsie, I will bring my car to North Road Auto. Cannot say enough wonderful things!"

Freddie C. on 1/22/2013:
"As always Mike and his men are deligent and accommodating and in great timing return my vehicle. I am very satisfied."

Judith M. on 1/20/2013:
"As usual, everything was great! Mike and his staff are always friendly,professional and honest. The service is excellent."

David B. on 1/19/2013:
"I found North Road to be accommodating, thorough, skilled, and efficient."

Anonymous on 1/18/2013:
"Experience was fast and mechanics knew their stuff.. good place"

Joe L. on 1/16/2013:
"Mike was great no complaints"

Dan K. on 1/11/2013:
"Geat service with friendly help."

Anonymous on 1/10/2013:
"Great!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike and the guys are very knowlegeable and accomodating in helping me to keep my car running smoothly. Thank you for going the extra mile. J.W"

Anonymous on 1/10/2013:
"Fair prices, good service. Thanks."

Christine M. on 1/9/2013:
"Excellent service"

Dan K. on 1/3/2013:
"Fast and friendly service."

Andrea O. on 1/1/2013:
"Thank you !!"

Fred G. on 12/29/2012:
"Very happy.thank you have a safe and happy new year. Fred"

Anonymous on 12/27/2012:
"Mangaged to take me on short notice. Quick, thorough and right-priced."

Eric V. on 12/11/2012:
"Service far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this shop."

Pam H. on 12/5/2012:
"awesome service as always - thanks"

Janet C. on 11/29/2012:
"You guys are the best!"

James C. on 11/22/2012:
"Better Than The Car Dealership"

Edward M. on 11/21/2012:
"North Road has been servicing my vehicles since 1997, and I have never had a bad experience. The staff is always friendly, knowledgable, and the service is affordable."

Georsi S. on 11/19/2012:
"4 new tires plus balance and peridic"

Travis K. on 11/14/2012:
"This was my first experience with North Road Auto. Simple oil change on my older vehicle. I was happy with everything. Price was good after a discount. Without the discount I would be hesitant. I will definately be going back for future service. Everyone was very nice and curtious. As long as pricing remains fair, I will be a continueing customer for a long time."

Anonymous on 11/10/2012:
"I would recommend everyone to North Road Auto. I've been going there for awhile now and never had a problem with their service. They are excellent."

Anonymous on 11/9/2012:
"they gave me a very fair deal on tires and did it in a small amount of time."

Jacqueline R. on 11/9/2012:
"MY family and I are very pleased with the great and professional service received."

Anonymous on 11/8/2012:
"I have had my car looked at and repaired several times at North Road Auto. Each time, the customer service is great and I appreciate the staff's honest feedback regarding repair work. I have never had to leave the car for longer than a few hours and I can count on that efficiency in the future."

Judith M. on 11/7/2012:
"As always I was treated very well. I got great service at a fair price.Mike always answers me with the utmost professionalism and respect.Thank you. JMartinez."

Chris A. on 10/29/2012:
"Quick, thorough and friendly service."

Anonymous on 10/27/2012:
"Fast service and very knowledgable"

Kelly S. on 10/25/2012:
"Thanks very much for going out of your way to provide the type of oil I requested for my car."

Christine O. on 10/19/2012:
"Reliable service, fair pricing. Even brought my car back to my house for me in the pouring rain! Happy customer :)"

Juliet B. on 10/16/2012:
"The staff was very professional and friendly. Mike, the manager has a unique system going where he reminded me of when my vehicle need to be serviced. Those email reminders really kept me up to date on what my car needs. Thanks North Road Auto for all you do. It's greatly appreciated."

Scott L. on 10/12/2012:
"Fast, friendly, & honest. What more can you ask for?"

Anonymous on 10/3/2012:
"Fantastic service that was totally unexpected. Great job!!! Thank you."

Ken C. on 9/27/2012:
"Mike, thanks for your professionalism and assitance yesterday. You and your mechanic were awesome and saved me so much time, money and aggravation. GREAT WORK"

Ken C. on 9/26/2012:
"What a great place. I was having what I thought was an o2 sensor issue and North Road diagnosed the REAL problem. Great Diagnostic Service...Thanks"

Anonymous on 9/26/2012:
"The interaction with Mike as well as rest of staff was great. Mike kept me informed, and did nothing without permission."

Kerri P. on 9/26/2012:
"Thank u very much! Service is always quick"

Freddie C. on 9/13/2012:
"Michael, as always, has been able to get me right in,and within a 30 minute turn over my vehicle was ready to go. With the addition of a coupon I get great service with a reasonable price. Thanks guys!!"

Lori C. on 9/9/2012:
"I thought I just needed an inspection, but I ended up needing a lot of work. My car did have 95K miles on it so I should have expected that. They completed all the work the same day, with the exception of a headlamp assembly that needed to be ordered. I got that done a couple days later. All in all, they did a great job. I'm very happy."

Judith M. on 8/23/2012:
"I have always been treated fairly and with respect. Service is great and Mike is very patient and explains everything in detail."

Freddie C. on 8/22/2012:
"I've been very impressed by these guys, great job Mike"

Christine O. on 8/14/2012:
"Got me in within an hour's notice for an oil change"

Janet C. on 7/25/2012:
"Perfect as always why more than 5 words"

Dan K. on 7/14/2012:
"Great service on a hot day."

Ben W. on 7/13/2012:
"needed a inspection didnt have an appt but they brought my jeep right in and took care of me thanks very much"

Carol B. on 6/30/2012:
"Came down, dropped it off, went to lunch with my wife and when I came back it was done, as promised. Very good, and very prompt."

Dan K. on 6/16/2012:
"Excellent service personnel and a nice clean facility. Thanks again!"

Freddie C. on 6/15/2012:
"Great work and thanks for accommodating at such short notice ."

Nicole S. on 6/1/2012:
"Professional, friendly, fast. Seem to be thorough and honest."

James P. on 5/26/2012:
"Terrific accomodating service. Car running like a top...again!"

Anonymous on 5/20/2012:
"We received exactly what the car needed and were especially impressed that they made several calls to us to keep us posted on what they were finding, to ask for our approvals before doing the work, and they even remembered and called to let me know when they had the car done and ready for pick-up. Great job. Car is running great now. Thank you Mike and John."

Anonymous on 5/17/2012:
"I recently had ABS system checked out and fixed at North Road Auto. After leaving, and driving around, noticed noise coming from vehicle. Returned to North Road, they promptly addressed issue, which was not associated with work that was completed. Overall service and professionalism was great."

Alicia M. on 5/11/2012:
"The gentleman who helped me was very thorough! Not only explained the problem but actually showed it to me! They were great!"

Anonymous on 5/5/2012:
"I was treated very courteously and the work was done properly. Really appreciated having snow tires bagged so I could store them."

Eugene D. on 4/28/2012:
"Great service John and Mike very friendly"

Tim M. on 4/28/2012:
"Absolutely great service. Hands down honest advice on what needs to be fixed and when to save money from future failures. Honesty is what you need when a shop is telling you that a whatchamacallit needs fixing and you don't know how to tell if your getting strung along. Trust these guys they go home and sleep at night."

L P. on 4/24/2012:
"very good service...can't be better...waiting on the service manager about a possible recall...he was very helpful with that..."

Donna E. on 4/18/2012:
"I was very pleased with the efficiency and consideration I was given at my recent visit. I will definitely use this service again!"

Peter F. on 4/17/2012:
"I was VERY impressed with the professionalism of the staff and how clean and comfortable the wait area was. My vehical was done when they said it would be at the price they said it would be! I will definitely use North Road Auto again!"

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