Transmission Repair

Overview of this service

Transmission Repair

The power that is generated by your car’s combustion engine is transferred to the wheels through the transmission. A typical transmission has a lifespan of roughly seven years, and this is equivalent to 150,000 to 200,000 miles. However, transmission fluid leaks and other issues can develop at any time. When you need to schedule transmission repair service near you, our talented auto techs are available to help.

Signs That Transmission Repair Service Is Needed

There are several signs that you could notice when transmission repair work is needed. For example, you may discover a reddish, sweet-smelling liquid pooling up below your vehicle. This is a sign of a transmission leak. You could also notice a burning smell when your engine runs. In some cases, the gears may slip, or you may not be able to change gears while driving if the transmission is damaged. In some cases, a driver is not able to shift the vehicle from park to drive.

Your Preferred Source for Transmission Repair Work

If any of these concerning signs are present, you need to schedule a transmission repair service near you as soon as possible. We are your full-service source for all of your transmission repair needs. We work on manual, automatic and semi-automatic transmissions. Our certified team of auto techs will do what it takes to repair the system. If it cannot be repaired, we can quickly replace the transmission so that you can get back to your day’s plans.

Schedule Transmission Repair Service Today

You should schedule a repair service for your vehicle at the first sign of an issue. Doing so may prevent the damage from getting worse. It may also help you to avoid an unfortunate and stressful breakdown on the side of the road. We will work diligently to repair your car’s transmission, and we will get the job done right on your first visit. To schedule a repair service for your car’s transmission, contact our service shop for an appointment today.